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Why Maintaining Transparency is a Marketer’s Responsibility

With so many agencies participating in dishonest media buying practices, it’s up to marketers to maintain...
By Erik Huberman | Hawke Media

The Future is Giving Online

Social media and Internet crowdfunding have become integral sources in raising funds for charitable causes in...
By Jennifer Hurless | Go Be Social Media

How to Identify High-Potential Employees in Your Organization

Looking for general markers of Hi-Pos — ability, social skills, and motivation — can guide you to your...
By Vlad Vaiman | Cal Lutheran University

Help Me, Help You

Why Bringing Your Marketing In-House May Be the Worst Business Decision You Can Make
By Erik Huberman | Hawke Media

Brian Grazer: The Most Curious Man in Hollywood

An active imagination and questioning everything have led ­Brian Grazer to the top in both TV and film

Bonin Bough: Mobile Mogul and Disruptor’s Past, Present, and Future

Bonin Bough, host of CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles and mobile mogul, believes messaging is the future

Jeff Levick: Steps Up to the Plate

Former Spotify guru Jeff Levick, CEO of The ­Players’ Tribune, gives exposure to athletes online

Gillian Zucker: LA ­Clippers’ Slam Dunk

LA Clippers president of business ­operations soars with community and female-brand partnerships

David Renzer: Bringing Spirit Music Group to the Next Level

Former chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing David Renzer is now catapulting Spirit Music Group

NextGen 10: Sports & Entertainment [2018]

The 2018 NextGens in Sports & Entertainment are disrupting their industries, and changing the world

How to Thrive in Today’s Ever-­Evolving Television Market

Ted Chervin, one of ICM Partners’ founders, on how to succeed in the changing world of television
By Ted Chervin | ICM Partners

The Hotel Game Changer

Tilman J. Fertitta, chairman & CEO of Landry's Inc, has a grand vision that defines the Post Oak ­Hotel
By Tilman J. Fertitta | Landry's

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