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For Joao Vitor Menin Digital Banking Bears No Limits as Inter&Co Grows Into a Nearly $3B NASDAQ Listed Company

How Joao Vitor Menin, CEO of Inter&Co, helped grow a single location community bank in Brazil to a global...
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

Meet The L.A. Power Couple with a Shared Passion for Investments, Innovation & Wellness

The dynamic duo, made up of venture capitalist Chris Hollod and fashion model Bianca Vierra, have developed a...
By David Wurth | C-Suite Media

Horizen Labs Co-Founder Dean Steinbeck Shares What You Need to Know About Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Assets

Multitasking crypto insider Dean Steinbeck offers a greater understanding of how new developments in...
By Christopher Yang | Away

The Art of Financial “Goal” Setting: Q&A with Matilda Sung, General Partner, Ludis Capital Partners

Matilda Sung, general partner at Ludis Capital Partner, reflects on game-changing trends in sports media and...
By Christopher Yang | Away

Douglas Merrill: A Math Problem

Douglas Merrill, former CIO and VP of engineering at Google, is changing public access to money with fintech...

Blackline Founder Therese Tucker: Bring on the SaaS

From a farm in Illinois to the first female founder and CEO of a venture-backed LA public company: How...

Shivani Siroya: Credit Where Credit is Due

Shivani Siroya’s fintech brainchild Tala is harnessing cellphone data to empower emerging markets

Scott Minerd: A Formidable Figure

After achieving incredible wealth on Wall Street, Scott Minerd retired at 37 to live the California dream....

Bob Diamond: Banking on the Future

Former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond is mining Africa’s potential with Atlas Mara, his latest venture

Jeff Stibel: D&B’s (In)Credibility Factor

Building up from the foundation of one of the most respected names in finance, Jeff Stibel has merged...

Howard Marks: Counter-Intuitive Success

Howard Marks, CFO & Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, gives his unconventional advice to investing...

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