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Meet The L.A. Power Couple with a Shared Passion for Investments, Innovation & Wellness

The dynamic duo, made up of venture capitalist Chris Hollod and fashion model Bianca Vierra, have developed a...
By David Wurth | C-Suite Media

Horizen Labs Co-Founder Dean Steinbeck Shares What You Need to Know About Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Assets

Multitasking crypto insider Dean Steinbeck offers a greater understanding of how new developments in...
By Christopher Yang | Away

The Art of Financial “Goal” Setting: Q&A with Matilda Sung, General Partner, Ludis Capital Partners

Matilda Sung, general partner at Ludis Capital Partner, reflects on game-changing trends in sports media and...
By Christopher Yang | Away

Douglas Merrill: A Math Problem

Douglas Merrill, former CIO and VP of engineering at Google, is changing public access to money with fintech...

Blackline Founder Therese Tucker: Bring on the SaaS

From a farm in Illinois to the first female founder and CEO of a venture-backed LA public company: How...

Shivani Siroya: Credit Where Credit is Due

Shivani Siroya’s fintech brainchild Tala is harnessing cellphone data to empower emerging markets

Scott Minerd: A Formidable Figure

After achieving incredible wealth on Wall Street, Scott Minerd retired at 37 to live the California dream....

Bob Diamond: Banking on the Future

Former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond is mining Africa’s potential with Atlas Mara, his latest venture

Jeff Stibel: D&B’s (In)Credibility Factor

Building up from the foundation of one of the most respected names in finance, Jeff Stibel has merged...

Howard Marks: Counter-Intuitive Success

Howard Marks, CFO & Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, gives his unconventional advice to investing...

The Financial Disruptors

The financial sector, tied as it is to unpredictable markets, is always in flux. Meet three entrepreneurs who...
By Ben Bloch | Bloch Strategy

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