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Social Impact in SuperBowl LVII’s Ads: 2023 Brought Less Soul, More “Hug”

Below we share our take on what this year's Super Bowl ads got right, and what could be fine-tuned to take...
By Emily Kane Miller | Ethos Giving

Gearing Up for My Annual Super Bowl Cause-Marketing Analysis

With countless companies incorporating cause-related efforts into their spots, which ads represent the real...
By Emily Kane Miller | Ethos Giving

Struggling to Find Traction in a Slumping Commercial Real Estate Market? Here’s How to Market Better—and Smarter

Four tips for commercial real estate professionals looking to harness the power of innovative communication...
By Nathan Miller | Miller Ink

Preserving the Social Contract in an Economic Downturn

As we enter the next recession, companies are making necessary structural changes to address slowing growth...
By Edward C. Wilson-Smythe | Alix Partners

5 Proven Lead Gen Strategies for B2B Media in a Tough Economy

Q&A with James Karklins, President and Founder, and Justin Berger, Chief Operating Officer at 7 Knots Digital...
By James Karklins | 7 Knots Digital

An Unordinary Reality

Psychedelic clinical research is advancing at a pace that has many people taking trips, including stars of...
By Keith Gunther | Ecotec

Future Forward In Culture Marketing With Oakley’s Reggie Casagrande

Oakley's Head of Strategy, Reggie Casagrande on her approach to culture marketing, diversity and inclusion,...
By Michelle Edgar | The XX Project

Three Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I’d Learned in School

Here are three pieces of advice I wish I had been given before starting life as a full-time professional.
By Nathan Miller | Miller Ink

People Want Certainty: Is Insurance Back?

With the recent volatility in financial markets, there is a sudden rush to return to traditional, perhaps...
By Marty Levy, CLU/RHU | Corporate Strategies, Inc.

Impact Beyond the Diversity Headlines, Part ll

12 practical and tangible steps that technology leaders can take to address institutional barriers to...
By Edward C. Wilson-Smythe | Alix Partners

Impact Beyond the Diversity Headlines, Part l

4 forces that impede diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in technology.
By Edward C. Wilson-Smythe | Alix Partners

Talent Retention Strategy: Creating Sticky Jobs

How to optimize the factors that build a satisfied workforce.
By Vlad Vaiman | Cal Lutheran University

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