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C-Suite Media, Inc. was founded in 2007 and  C-Suite Quarterly published its first issue in spring 2008; within the year, the country was headed into its worst recession since The Great Depression. Persevering through the economic downturn, the magazine built its reputation by relating the inspirational stories of successful business and community leaders from Westlake Village to Beverly Hills, complementing them with discerning lifestyle content. As the brand continues to grow and develop on page and online as well as through experiential events that celebrate the region and those driving it forward, we invite you to take part in this journey.

Since 2008, CSQ has been the luxury lifestyle brand and community for Los Angeles’s Billionaire Changemakers, C-Suite Visionaries, NextGen Entrepreneurs,  Executive Advisors and those aspiring to that level of success and influence. Our mission to inspire, connect and educate our community drives CSQ’s integrated platform of print publications, online content, live events, and e-commerce centered on its four quarterly pillars: Innovation & Technology, Real Estate & Finance, Sports & Entertainment, Philanthropy, Art & Culture.

During CSQ’s 10 year anniversary in 2018, CSQ expanded to New York to highlight the Visionaries and NextGen Entrepreneurs on the east-coast that are positively impacting our society through innovation and inspiration.

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