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How AI Is Transforming the Retail Industry

Here are the six ways in which AI is helping businesses flourish.
By Rashid Ali | Exarta

How Can Fintech and Crypto Companies Succeed in 2023?

Starting a crypto or fintech company is more expensive than ever before, which can intimidate investors and...
By Felix Römer | Gamdom

Building Cyber Resilience: How Enterprises Can Thrive in a Fractured Online Ecosystem

The unfortunate truth is that the Internet today has become less free, more fragmented, and less secure since...
By Vishaal "V8" Hariprasad | Resilience

What’s Next for Businesses in the Metaverse in 2023

The last few years have seen the rise of the metaverse from a science fiction concept to a very real,...
By Lone Fønss Schrøder | Concordium

Puppet Company of Chinese Communist Party Has Covertly Installed Over 100 Million Devices in American Homes, Businesses, and Schools

Today’s teenagers watch more TikTok than YouTube. Yet the newer app is particularly aggressive in its...
By Ryan Kavanaugh | Proxima Media and Relativity Media

Bits, Bytes, and Zettabytes

The US government has a massive data-storage and data-mining capacity—here’s what you need to know about...
By Keith Gunther | Ecotec

What Makes Atlas Shrug?

What if your phone died, your router, your internet connections, Alexa, Siri? What if all your screens were...
By Keith Gunther | Ecotec

How COVID-19 Has Reshaped Translation and Interpretation

A digital playing field may actually lift corporate language barriers.
By Fardad Zabetian | KUDO

Seize the Potential of Understanding the Language of Global Business

Highly skilled interpreters can unlock opportunities for you around the world.
By Fardad Zabetian | KUDO

Why Your Cybersecurity Strategy Should Include Your Front Door

You need a unified security posture for the road ahead.
By James Segil | Openpath Security Inc.

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