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A New Era of Higher Education: The Need for Change

The increasing cost of tuition, a change in demand among prospective students, and a lack of work readiness...
By Robert Dalie | The Summa Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc

How AI Is Transforming the Retail Industry

Here are the six ways in which AI is helping businesses flourish.
By Rashid Ali | Exarta

Reconciling Profits With People: Driving Social Impact Through Business Decisions

Business and technology leaders must seize a unique and unprecedented opportunity to finally reconcile...
By Edward C. Wilson-Smythe | Alix Partners

If You Own a Business, You Need an Exit-Planning Team

The four steps of exit planning for founder-owned businesses
By Adam Quarello | The Summa Group | Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

The American Mall Doesn’t Need to Die

While American malls are ailing, their condition is far from terminal. With the right vision, malls across...
By Bo Okoroji | Steerpoint Capital

Marc Randolph: The Co-Founder of Netflix on Perseverance, Luck, and What Truly Makes Someone an Entrepreneur 

Randolph joined Hawke Talk to talk about the winding road of a career, and how small steps turn into big...
By Erik Huberman | Hawke Media

Shrinking Marketing Departments Can Lead To Growth

Let’s look at both the real challenges we and our clients have faced implementing an “insourced marketing...
By Mike Schaffer | Echo-Factory

HR Directors: Learn to Tell the Difference Between Effective Fractional Executives and ‘Tourists’

Before trying to secure an executive’s services, learn to weed out the many candidates who will not make...
By Robert Jordan | InterimExecs

Why Xennial Leaders Are the X Factor— Unapologetically 

As the first breed of leaders to live through both the analog world and the digital age, Gen Xers are...

Gaining Valuable Insights From Past Recessions to Help Navigate the Future: Part l, A Historical Perspective of Past Recessions

At the heart of any discussion about 2023 is a debate about whether a recession is coming and, if so, how...
By Brian Werdesheim | The Summa Group | Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

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