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From El Bulli to République: A Look Inside of the Manzke Culinary Dynasty

Tracing the Manzkes' culinary journey from renowned restaurants worldwide to Michelin-starred success in Los...
By Tom Alexander | PK4 Media

With Big Plans in Mind, Josh Joseph and His Family Are Changing the Industries You Interact With Daily

With real estate deals, cannabis companies, cannabis operators, and hospitality as pillars in the group’s...
By Jerica Kingsbury | CSQ

Celebrity Chef Todd English Reflects on His Italian Culinary Ancestry and a Changing Restaurant Industry

Through the highs and lows of his career, English remains thoughtful and circumspect when pondering what...

How Careismatic Brands’ CEO Girisha Chandraraj Leverages His Perspective as an Outsider to Solve Complex Business Challenges

This dynamic of moving around and trying to fit in equipped Chandraraj with skills that became the foundation...
By Jerica Kingsbury | CSQ

The Line that Connects Latin America to the World

It’s one thing to recognize the importance of emerging markets, but quite another to develop a platform...

Ahmass Fakahany and Michael White’s Altamarea Group Explores Its International DNA

With a nearly 10-year partnership that has rocked the restaurant scene on the East Coast with a roster of...

Making It Nice With Daniel Humm and Will Guidara

The famed restaurateurs of Eleven Madison Park talk their newest hotspots and expanding their ventures

Melanie Lundquist: The Leading Philanthropist on why Her $50M Donation is Priceless

Third-generation philanthropist Melanie Lundquist has donated more than $150M in an effort to achieve...

Gustavo Dudamel: A CSQ&A with the LA PHIL Conductor and Music Director

David Bohnett was instrumental in securing Gustavo Dudamel as music and artistic director for the LA...
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

Thomas Keller: Recipe for Success

As culinary leader Thomas Keller expands his reach, his legacy is reinforced with complex new flavors
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

Laura Skandera Trombley: Making the Gardens Grow While Preserving the Past

The Huntington’s new president, returns to the site where the seeds of her professional career were sown

Rachel S. Moore: Keeping The Music Center on Point(e)

The Music Center's new president & CEO's graceful transition from the stage to the front office culminates...
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

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