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It Took a Pandemic for L.A. to Create an Outdoor Dining Scene

Los Angeles, for its near-perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and amazing scenery, has never encapsulated the...
By Jonathan Skogmo | Jukin Media

NextGen 12: Sports, Media & Entertainment [2020]

When 2020 gives you lemons, make the NextGen 10 the NextGen 12. This edition, we’re celebrating 12 under-40...
By Sheean Hanlan | CSQ

Transitioning an Event-Based Brand to the Digital World, with The XX Project Founder Michelle Edgar

As an executive in the entertainment business for over a decade, Michelle Edgar focuses on leading creative...

Culture Stems from Our Physical Offices

My goal is to get everyone back in the office as safely and as soon as we can. This may not be a possibility...
By Jonathan Skogmo | Jukin Media

NextGen 10: Real Estate & Finance [2020]

Our NextGen 10 Real Estate and Finance class of 2020 honorees share the ability to act with fearless optimism...
By Sheean Hanlan | CSQ

Leading Your Team During Uninspiring Times

"Treat people how you want to be treated, be a leader like how you would want to be led, and that's the most...
By Jonathan Skogmo | Jukin Media

NextGen 40 Under 40: Innovation & Technology [2020]

CSQ presents its second-annual “40 under 40” of the most innovative founders and CEOs in Los Angeles and...
By Sheean Hanlan | CSQ

The Co-Founder of Harry’s Shares How To Stay Ahead of the Competition

Harry’s Co-founder Andy Katz-Mayfield is modernizing men’s hygiene by expanding the company’s mammoth...

The XX Project Hosts Founders & Funders Dinner with Brian Lee

"Seat at the Table" Founders & Funders, January 16, 2020
By Sheean Hanlan | CSQ

This High School Dropout Became a Serial Entrepreneur

Aaron Levant is now forging a new path in the way we interact online.

NextGen 10: Sports, Media & Entertainment [2019]

We're pleased to introduce this quarter's diversified class of industry disrupters entrepreneurs decision...
By Sheean Hanlan | CSQ

NextGen 40 Under 40: Innovation & Technology [2019]

Meet this year’s class of 40 NextGens under-40s who are disrupting innovation and technology through...

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