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Managing Versus Leading

Managers tell people what to do. Leaders compel people to want to do something. Patrick MacLeamy, CEO...
By Patrick MacLeamy | HOK

Improving U.S.–China Relations Requires Free Speech

As tensions rise between the world’s two superpowers, solutions to release the volatile bilateral pressure...
By Chris Fenton | Feeding the Dragon

Brain Coach Jim Kwik’s Top Tips for Upgrading Your Brain

After a childhood fall damaged his brain, Kwik Learning founder and CEO Jim Kwik was plagued by learning...
By Sheean Hanlan | CSQ

How Facebook became “the most Chinese company in Silicon Valley”

An excerpt from Always Day One, a new book about tech giants’ work culture by Silicon Valley reporter Alex...
By Alex Kantrowitz | Always Day One

Why Are Business Leaders So Full of Sh*t?

CEOs don’t have it together all the time, despite what their assertive handshakes and confident smiles...
By John Roa | The John Roa Show

A New Perspective on Kindness for a World in Need of It

From Deep Kindness author Houston Kraft, here are steps you can take to bring more true kindness to the world...
By Houston Kraft | Deep Kindness

Should We Reject Crazy Ideas?

There’s a science behind nurturing revolutionary ideas that change the world. Through a mix of physics,...
By Safi Bahcall | Loonshots

How Warren Buffett Amassed His Fortune

In this excerpt from The Psychology of Money, Collaborative Fund Partner Morgan Housel reveals Warren...
By Morgan Housel | Collaborative Fund

Building For Everyone: Expand Your Market with Design Practices from Google’s Product Inclusion Team

It's one thing to know that inclusion matters, and another thing to implement it. This excerpt from Annie...
By Annie Jean-Baptiste | Google

How Jeff Bezos Skyrocketed Amazon’s Growth with a “Day 1” Mindset

In The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, Steve Anderson provides a rare glimpse...
By Steve Anderson | The Bezos Letters

CSQ Exclusive: New York Times Best-Selling Author James Nestor on Breathing for a Longer Life

As part of our Read, Watch, and Listen series, we give you a glimpse of what should be at the top of your...
By James Nestor | Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

How to Lead Meetings Your Team Will Want to Attend

The following is an excerpt from Steven G. Rogelberg's "The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead...
By Steven Rogelberg | UNC Charlotte

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