Mike Schaffer '18 C-Suite Advisor Since 2018

Founder & CEO | Echo-Factory


Mike is founder and CEO at Echo-Factory, a Digital Agency headquartered in Pasadena, California. Echo-Factory works with a range of clients, including established companies like FujiFilm, MagLite, and Audi USA, as well as startups and local companies that are investing in rapid growth. The agency has been awarded many times for its work, including two “Best in Show”   ADDY® awards. Today, Mike’s primary role is as a marketing consultant and brand strategist.

Thought Leadership By Mike:

Why Specialized Businesses Might Need to Look for a Specialized Marketing Agency

If you’re a CMO or marketing director, you don’t need a marketing agency that’s in love with your...
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Why You Should Overinform Your Marketing Partners

If you’re a CMO or CEO looking to give yourself an advantage with your marketing and outreach —...
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Shrinking Marketing Departments Can Lead To Growth

Let’s look at both the real challenges we and our clients have faced implementing an “insourced marketing...
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Digital Marketing Even Your CFO Will Love

Mike Schaffer, Founder & CEO of Echo Factory, shares with us the four formulas that will prove your impact on...
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Separating the Brilliant From the Bull**** in Ad Tech

How I learned to value ROI when making purchasing decisions, even in the ad tech space
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Giving To Yourself

Michael Schaffer of Echo Factory explains how philanthropy and charity can be one of your smartest business...
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What Happened to ESPN and How to Make Sure it Doesn’t Happen to You

Exploring the very public tumult and downfall of ESPN, a strong and identifiable American brand
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Trigger Systems

Taking steps to ensure the words "Public Relations" and "Nightmare" never come together
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Is Modern Advertising Art?

Art and culture go hand in hand. Culture and marketing are symbiotic. But art and advertising? That’s a...
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Want to Control the Conversation? Make It Easy for the Media

When Lumber Liquidators stock (NYSE:LL) plunged 60 percent in late February of this year, it wasn’t because...
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Thinking About Acquisition? Think About Branding

Bringing in a CFO to “clean up the books” before acquisition is a common process. Even if the books...
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The Faux Resurrection of Branding

It has been announced that branding is dead, and perhaps has been for some time. Wired claimed it in 2004....
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