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The Future of L.A. Real Estate

What will it take to streamline the process to achieve government mandates while incentivizing developers? It...
By Emil Khodorkovsky | Forbix

5 Things to Prepare For If You Own Real Estate in 2024

Here are five things for real estate owners to keep an eye on this year
By Eli Underwood | Underwood Law Firm

How Almost Losing Everything Helped a Hotshot Developer See the Light

After the pandemic forced a major change of plans for a successful developer behind more than $650 million in...
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

The World of Conversions

Repurposing buildings is often more budget-friendly and faster than ground-up construction, even when dealing...
By Eddie Chow | Forbix

How Office Owners Can Find Something New Under the Sun

Commercial property owners can use solar panels for a passive income stream that is also eco-friendly
By Joshua Schuster | Solarback USA

Why Partnerships Are Essential to the Success of Real Estate Projects

Partnering with someone who has depth of knowledge in a given asset class can mean the difference between...
By Emil Khodorkovsky | Forbix

Why Real Estate Investors Should Consider FHA Loans in a High Interest Rate Environment

In the current high interest rate environment, many commercial real estate investors and developers are...
By Ron Ross | Forbix

Q&A With Demetra Thornton: Architectural Visionary Shaping the Future of Sports Design at Gensler

The Gensler managing director spoke with CSQ’s David Wurth about how a goal to work on big projects led to...
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

Despite the Headlines, Real Estate Is Still a Great Investment

Rising rates cause turmoil in every sector, but with an intelligent understanding of the market and...
By Max Kolomeyer | Forbix

Private Equity’s Time in Real Estate Lending

How you can use the power of private equity when interests rates are rising
By Eddie Chow | Forbix

10 Things to Know About Real Estate Co-ownership

Many things in life are best experienced with friends. Buying real estate may not be one of them
By Eli Underwood | Underwood Law Firm

Wedgewood Homes’ Jamie Bedner on Revitalizing Communities One Home at a Time

How I got started in real estate, what makes Wedgewood Homes successful, and what we're learning along the...
By Jamie Bedner | Wedgewood Homes

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