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Vlad Vaiman '16 C-Suite Advisor Since 2016

Associate Dean and Professor at the School of Management of California Lutheran University | Cal Lutheran University


Vlad Vaiman is an Associate Dean and Professor at the School of Management of California Lutheran University and a visiting professor at several premier universities around the world.  Previously he held academic and administrative positions at Reykjavik University in Iceland and FH Joanneum University in Austria.  He received his PhD from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and his MBA at the University of Wyoming, USA.

Having published more than 75 academic papers, book chapters, and editorials, Dr. Vaiman is widely regarded as one of the leading international scholars in the field of talent management.  Dr. Vaiman has also published five very successful books on managing talent both in organizations and at a country level, as well as a number of academic and practitioner-oriented articles in the areas of talent management, international HRM, and business education.  His work appeared in such well-respected academic outlets as Academy of Management Learning & Education, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Thunderbird International Business Review, and others.

He was also a founding Editor-in-Chief and is currently the Chief Editorial Consultant of the European Journal of International Management (EJIM), a highly ranked peer-reviewed academic publication.  Dr. Vaiman is a highly sought-after speaker – he is often invited to speak on both professional and academic matters to a number of global corporations and highly acclaimed universities around the world.

Dr. Vaiman is a founder, organizer, and a leading co-chair of the EIASM ( Workshops on Talent Management, where just in 9 years, he has been able to build a strong global community of scholars and practitioners working in the area.  His 20-year consulting practice comprises projects in talent management, expatriate selection, strategic international management, and leadership development in a variety of organizations across the industries and national boundaries.

A native of Russia, Dr. Vaiman has left his home country at the age of 21 and since then lived, studied, and worked in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, and Iceland, before coming back to the US in 2013.  His first-hand international experience is helping him in his professional work as well as everyday life.

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