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The Fumbles and Touchdowns of Cause Marketing in Super Bowl LVIII

2024’s Super Bowl marked a sharp decline in cause marketing. Instead of impact, the focus was largely fixed...
By Emily Kane Miller | Ethos Giving

How Companies are Coming Together in Extraordinary Ways to Address Climate Issues

If there is a crisis looming in the world today that is even bigger than the pandemic of 2020, it is climate...
By Steve Crolius | Carbon-Neutral Consulting LLC

Social Impact in SuperBowl LVII’s Ads: 2023 Brought Less Soul, More “Hug”

Below we share our take on what this year's Super Bowl ads got right, and what could be fine-tuned to take...
By Emily Kane Miller | Ethos Giving

Key Questions for Year-End Philanthropic Giving: Whether You Are a $5 Annual Donor or Multibillion-Dollar Corporation

I’ve spent nearly two decades as a professional in philanthropy, and I’m here to tell you that if you...
By Emily Kane Miller | Ethos Giving

Corporate Support for Ukraine: How to Move Beyond Emergency Action

Companies can introduce sustainable and long term support by specializing their resource allocation.
By Emily Kane Miller | Ethos Giving

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