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Beyond the Game: Andrew Petcash’s Evolution from Playbooks to Pitch Decks

For Andrew Petcash, co-founder of sports media and investment firm Profluence Capital, his years as an elite...
By Jerica Kingsbury | CSQ

Five Lessons From Liz Powers-Charest, VP, Creative Marketing Strategy & Operations, Disney Entertainment Television

Here are a few key takeaways from shepherding 40K+ creative assets each year across 7 brands in the streaming...
By Liz Powers-Charest | Disney Entertainment Television

All Roads Lead to Nosara, Costa Rica: From Publishing Success to Surfing Waves

Ingham Brooke lives in Costa Rica with his family while building a local business from the ground up:...
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

Chasing the Crescendo: Ann Miura-Ko’s Transformative Journey

A journey of discipline, determination, and disruptive innovation from playing piano to becoming the most...
By Erik Huberman | Hawke Media

Revolutionizing Hollywood: An Interview With Mikel Elliott, Founder, Quixote Studios

CSQ interviews Founder Mikel Elliott to learn more about the industry impact of the $360 million acquisition...
By Jerica Kingsbury | CSQ

The Career Odyssey of PepsiCo Beverages North America West Division President Johannes Evenblij Garza

What a continent-spanning career taught this leader about innovation and the significance of location
By Jerica Kingsbury | CSQ

Hexclad’s Recipe for Success: How Digital Innovation and Bold Branding Catapulted Sales During a Pandemic

Danny Winer's unconventional journey from entertainment to cookware success proves you don't need tech to...
By Jerica Kingsbury | CSQ

How To Hire The Underserved

How to create a sustainable workplace culture where people can thrive
By Thomas Vozzo | Homeboy Industries

The Power of Brand Identity: Q&A with Jesse Cole

Savannah Bananas founder Jesse Cole talks about the importance of having an authentic, innovative brand...
By Erik Huberman | Hawke Media

Q&A With Demetra Thornton: Architectural Visionary Shaping the Future of Sports Design at Gensler

The Gensler managing director spoke with CSQ’s David Wurth about how a goal to work on big projects led to...
By CSQ Staff | C-Suite Quarterly

Private Equity’s Time in Real Estate Lending

How you can use the power of private equity when interests rates are rising
By Eddie Chow | Forbix

In the Driver’s Seat of Maserati’s Modernization

Head of Maserati Americas William Peffer is forging new terrain to keep a marquee brand on the cutting edge

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