John Wise '19 Contributor Since 2019

Chairman & CEO | InvestCloud


John is a serial entrepreneur and has been a founding member of six companies including Temenos (Europe’s largest fintech company) and Synergo (Now Broadridge) in the 1980s, Netik (Now Markit) in the 1990s, and InvestCloud in 2010. John was named 2018 Top 50 CEOs by USA Today, 2018 Gamechanger of the Year – ACQ5 Awards and recently 2019 Best CEO for Women – USA Today. John is a designer and a software engineer, and in the UK is a Chartered Engineer. He has a double honors degree in Cybernetics and Computer Science. John has several patents in his name including Programs Writing Programs (PWP) which enables apps to be created with no programmers which revolutionizes the time and costs to market, and enables hyper-modular solutions. In 9 years InvestCloud has grown from a garage startup to a global presence – with 8 offices, 3 innovation centers, 400 employees, 700 clients including 30+ marquee clients and over $2 Trillion in assets in the InvestCloud platform. InvestCloud designs, builds and runs the solutions of the world’s most important financial institutions. The financial industry has embraced Wise’s innovations because of the speed, costs, flexibility,
security, cloud-based operations, and remarkable customization they offer investors and their clients.
Wise is a charismatic leader and speaker, who has been covered over the last 2 decades by domestic and international publications, and has recently spoken at IAA Leadership Conference in Dallas, Cutter Wealth in NYC, and was a keynote speaker at the 2019 JPMC Digital Conference.

Thought Leadership By John: