2015 Innovation & Technology NextGen 10 Updates

What’s new with previous Innovation & Technology NextGen 10 honorees? CSQ checked in with some who have seen recent success

2015 Innovation & Technology NextGen 10 Updates
January 3, 2016

Class of 2013


Walter Driver, III
CEO, Scopely

Significant Movement
As a maker, publisher, and operator of mobile interactive entertainment, Scopely is emerging as the leader in the new era of touchscreen entertainment and the company’s success is achieved with a business model that is different than competitors.

  • $175M+ revenue run rate & profitable
  • $35M in Series A funding from leading technology, Hollywood, consumer products, and mobile investors
  • Scopely was No. 2 on the Deloitte Fast 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America and No. 9 on the 2015 Inc. 5000

Key Factors in Recent Success & What’s Next in 2016
We have launched two Top 50 Grossing games in 2015. In 2016, we will continue to see significant growth coming from these products as our whole game development philosophy is focused on growing monthly revenues of games for multiple years via constant improvement of the game experience.


Steve Gatena
CEO, Helinet Aviation

Significant Movement
Built my first company REP Interactive, a video marketing agency, into an Inc. 5000 company and successfully exited the business. I recently exited my second company VideoFort, Hollywood’s largest manufacturer of stock video footage, and became the CEO of Helinet. Helinet is a global leader in rotorcraft, providing helicopter transport and video surveillance solutions to a variety of markets including healthcare, law enforcement, and broadcast television with major clients that include the Children’s Hospital, NYPD, and ABC.

Key Factors in Recent Success & What’s Next in 2016
My amazing wife, outstanding employees, and great mentors. Being a part of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Los Angeles Chapter was also a great catalyst to my growth both personally and professionally.

Class of 2014


Rich Pierson & Andy Puddicombe
Co-founders, Headspace

Significant Movement
Raised $30M

Key Factors in Recent Success & What’s Next in 2016
We are very fortunate at Headspace to have an incredibly talented team, who share in our vision for improving the health and happiness of the world. We are equally fortunate to have a generous and kind community who are passionate about sharing their experience of Headspace with their friends, families, and colleagues. Looking ahead to 2016, we are excited about so many different things – the team continuing to grow, moving into our new office in Santa Monica, launching Headspace for Kids – but most of all taking the user-experience of Headspace to the next level for our entire community.

Class of 2015


Jonathan Eppers
CEO, RadPad

Significant Movement
Raised $9M

Key Factors in Recent Success & What’s Next in 2016
Hands down our team and our culture are the secret to our success. We ship new products for our customers at an incredibly aggressive pace. Our best work is yet to come.


Justin Fuisz
Founder & CEO, Fuisz Video

Significant Movement
Raised $10M

Key Factors in Recent Success & What’s Next in 2016
Online video is the future of entertainment and the platform of choice for Fortune 500 CMOs and brands. Our interactive video technology allows them to get the most from their digital campaigns, delivering unprecedented engagement and action rates. The world’s biggest brands and most prominent agencies use our platform because they see real results and our engagement rates are significantly higher than the industry average. 2016 will be our biggest year yet and we look forward to expanding the use of our interactive technology across entertainment, advertising, and media.


Jilliene Helman
CEO, Realty Mogul

Significant Movement
Raised $35M

Key Factors in Recent Success & What’s Next in 2016
We’ve kept the right balance between scalable infrastructure and flexibility, focusing on technology and innovation to simplify real estate. We’ve fostered relationships on both sides of the market. We’ve hired extremely talented people within tech, real estate, and legal. We plan to expand our 20,000-plus investor base in 2016 and ensure they have unprecedented access to the real estate world. We will continually use our technology to innovate around our products, user experience, and new legislation and regulation. We aim to cement our leadership position in the real estate online marketplace.

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