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What Is Your Organization’s Signature?

Multigenerational Leadership in the Workforce
By Brian Barry | Dale Carnegie Training

Big Data + Big AI = Big Results

Take advantage of data by unleashing the power of artificial intelligence
By Majid Abai | Concepts Rise, LLC

The 10 Steps of a Successful Business Continuity Plan

Delving into the importance of establishing a business continuity plan for your business
By Majid Abai | Concepts Rise, LLC

Education, Evolution, Economics

How the digital revolution is bringing chaos – and opportunity – to the global markets
By Kevin S. Parikh, Esq. | Avasant

The Digital State of Media and Entertainment

Titanic shifts in how content is distributed and consumed are redefining landscapes around the world
By Andy Popov | Avasant

Harnessing the Opportunities of Digital Transformation

Organizations need the right strategy and solutions to drive revenue growth through digital technology
By Kevin S. Parikh, Esq. | Avasant

It Takes a Village

Coming together to build a unified community creates far-reaching positive effects for us all
By Lisa deSouza | RPM Demand

Say Something…That Matters

Quality speaks louder than quantity if you want your message to stand out
By Lisa deSouza | RPM Demand

You Can’t Handle the Truth

Why implementing a marketing automation and/or CRM system is not the right solution for everyone
By Lisa deSouza | RPM Demand

The Underlying Value in Consumer Loyalty

Tech and media companies are paving the way for customer loyalty and retention
By Jim Cathcart | Cathcart Institute

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