Keith Gunther '21 C-Suite Advisor Since 2021

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Throughout his career, Keith Gunther has held management positions at VERITAS/Symantec software as well as 3M, Fujifilm, Xerox and ARC. His consulting work in support of data storage, document scanning and imaging, applications, networking and cloud computing services projects spans commercial, government, medical and educational organizations over 35 years. Gunther has launched imaging programs and trained personnel for VERITAS and Storactive software and deployed online solutions at SmartEquip, Connect One World, County of Ventura, City of Los Angeles and other innovative organizations. Serving on the California State University at Channel Islands Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering Sector committee, Gunther served as a link to the industry to garner internships, scholarships and other knowledge based interactions with the University. Other community service activities include past Chairperson for the Ventura County Business Opportunity Fair, BSA adult leader, youth sports coach and stints as a volunteer high school football coach. Gunther has a BS from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and is a graduate of the Cal State Los Angeles Teacher Credential Program.

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