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Edward C. Wilson-Smythe '17 C-Suite Advisor Since 2017

Senior Advisor | NTT DATA Services


With diverse experience as a management consultant and technology strategist, I am a trusted strategic advisor to corporate, government and technology leaders, with a proven track record of leveraging innovation to drive superior business results and social outcomes. I am an entrepreneurial executive with demonstrated success in establishing and leading high-growth technology businesses.

I build on over 20 years of experience to lead end-to-end strategy development, solution design, relationship structuring and delivery of Digital and Enterprise Transformation initiatives for large and complex clients.

My work focuses on strategies that harness the power of innovation and changing socioeconomic models to drive increased and sustained competitiveness. My particular area of interest is socioeconomic impacts of innovation on ecosystems at the corporate, institutional, social and community levels.

My approach to work is predicated upon a firm belief that this next wave of innovation can be harnessed purposefully to finally reconcile growth with equality, people with profits, and economics with environment, and drive a more affluent, equitable, connected, open, accessible, secure and sustainable society. This belief has been developed and reinforced through my work in NGOs serving vulnerable and marginalized communities.

I have emerged as an acknowledged thought leader, author and speaker on topics related to emerging technologies, disruptive change, emerging ecosystems and broader socioeconomic impacts of innovation. I am a frequent speaker at leading innovation conferences, author published in major business and technology media, and a co-author of the Amazon best-seller – “Digital Singularity: A Case for Humanity”.

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