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Edward C. Wilson-Smythe '17 C-Suite Advisor Since 2017

Director, Digital Consulting | Alix Partners


I am an entrepreneurial executive with proven success in establishing and leading high-growth technology and consulting businesses focused on digitally-accelerated business model, product, pricing, customer, channel, sales and marketing innovation. With diverse experience as a management consultant, innovation strategist and industry practitioner, I am a trusted strategic advisor to corporate, government and technology leaders.
My work focuses on harnessing the power of innovation to drive sustained competitiveness, superior business results and improved social outcomes, through the definition and execution of digital innovation strategies, integrated solutions and innovation partnerships for strategic clients. I am obsessed with innovation driving positive socioeconomic impacts on ecosystems at the corporate, institutional, social, community and individual levels.My approach to work is predicated upon a firm belief that this next wave of innovation can be harnessed purposefully to finally reconcile growth with equality, people with profits, and economics with environment, and drive a more affluent, equitable, connected, open, accessible, secure, just and sustainable society.

I have been particularly fortunate to be able to combine my work at leading technology and consulting firms with leadership roles in key industry associations and research and advocacy at progressive organizations committed to ethical innovation.

I have emerged as an acknowledged thought leader, author and speaker on topics related to emerging technologies, disruptive change, innovation ecosystems and broader socioeconomic impacts of innovation. I am a frequent speaker at leading innovation conferences, author published in major business and technology media, and a co-author of the Amazon best-seller – “Digital Singularity: A Case for Humanity”.

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