Who Gives?

David Wurth, publisher of CSQ Magazine, gives his reflective thoughts as the publication of the 2018 Philanthropy, Art, & Culture edition comes to fruition.

As the end of the year nears, it is a time of reflection. At CSQ, it has been a time of change as we continue to expand as a connective platform for changemakers on both coasts. Why do we do what we do? Because we believe that bringing great minds together is essential to forging a path forward as entrepreneurial innovation shapes our present and future. In this Q4 Philanthropy, Art, & Culture issue we also shine a spotlight on giving, with our 6th annual Philanthropy 100 guide.

And we answer the questions: Who gives? Why do we give, as individuals and as a community?

For Los Angeles Visionary of the Year Gary K. Michelson, a tough childhood and watching his grandmother suffer from a painful spinal disease motivated him to put himself through medical school by working multiple jobs. He went on to become a renowned spinal surgeon and prolific inventor, winning a landmark $1.35B lawsuit for his patented medical products. His wealth has enabled him and his wife, Alya, to give to animals and individuals in need, and fund educational advances, pet healthcare and safety protocols, and biotech research and innovations through a family of foundations, and a $50M gift to the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience.

New York Visionary Laurie M. Tisch, continuing her family legacy of giving to New York, forged her own philanthropic path through decades of leadership in the arts and founding an impactful fund that has granted more than $100M to level the playing field for all New Yorkers by giving greater access to the arts, healthy food, and opportunities. A new $10M Arts in Health initiative focuses on mental illness, trauma, and aging-related diseases, as Tisch continues to work to fill gaps in the city she loves.

CSQ’s Los Angeles and New York VisionariesInternational Medical Corps’ Nancy Aossey, Benenson Capital Group’s Lawrence B. Benenson, Visionary Women’s Angella Nazarian, and the Rockefeller Foundation’s Dr. Rajiv Shahwere shaped by childhood influences and by their parents to dedicate themselves to helping others and changing the world.

In an enlightening op-ed, The Carlyle Group’s David M. Rubenstein, a patriotic philanthropist, shares why he is committed to ensuring the country’s documents and monuments are preserved for our future generations. And we share how our NextGen class is disrupting industries to better the future around the world.

We are thankful to present their stories in this holiday issue, which is truly a gift. And we are so thankful to our readers and the growing CSQ community in Los Angeles and New York. Wishing all a time of pause and peace during this season of giving, and a reflection on why we give, as well.

David L. Wurth
Founder & Publisher