Giacomo Mattioli

Giacomo Mattioli

President and CEO | Mattioli Automotive Group

Born and raised in Modena, Italy, Mattioli was hired by Ferrari’s legal department in the late 1980s after law school to help  with the licensing of Ferrari products. In 1995, Mattioli became dealer development manager for North America and by 1998 Mattioli arranged the purchase of the Beverly Hills dealership fro3m the factory, which he has made the largest-grossing Ferrari dealership in North America. CSQ sat down with Mattioli on the heels of his Ferrari empire’s expansion into Westlake Village, where a new full-service Ferrari dealership has just opened. Today, the Mattioli Automotive Group consists of Ferrari Beverly Hills, Ferrari South Bay, Ferrari Westlake, Ferrari Maserati Silicon Valley, and Scuderia Corsa: Racing with Ferrari.


Giacomo Mattioli's Ferrari Dealership

Giacomo Mattioli on Ferrari’s American Dominance

Native Italian Giacomo Mattioli’s plans to bring popularity of highest grossing Beverly Hills Ferrari dealership to Westlake Village

CSQ What sets Ferrari as a manufacturer apart from its competition?
Giacomo Mattioli People forget that Enzo Ferrari never wanted to build an industrial empire, he wanted to go racing. Today, the true passion the people see in the product comes from the people in the factories that still carry Enzo’s passion. It is this passion coupled with the Ferrari experience being very visceral–from sight to sound to how the car feels when handling the road.

CSQ In addition to your locations in Beverly Hills, the South Bay, and Silicon Valley, what attracted you to Westlake Village?
GM We wanted to reach out and have more territorial coverage stretching from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. Westlake Village is a fantastic location and community and it affords us the opportunity to enjoy beautiful drives in the canyons and it is very much in line with what Ferrari deserves and what the community deserves.

CSQ How do Ferrari sales compare in Los Angeles to other parts of the world?
GM California is the strongest market in the United States and the United States is Ferrari’s largest market in the world. While Ferrari does not disclose sales by dealership, I can tell you that Los Angeles is the biggest Ferrari market in the world and that Ferrari Beverly Hills is the single largest dealership in the world.

Ferrari in the USA
Examining market rankings across the U.S. and in Los Angeles

U.S. #1 market globally
CALIFORNIA #5 market globally
Los Angeles #1 market within the U.S.
Beverly Hills #1 dealership in the world

CSQ For some Ferrari owners, driving the car is not enough. What racing services do you offer?
GM We very much encourage our clients to experience the car’s true performance in a safe environment and there is no safer environment than the racetrack so we encourage our clients to attend Ferrari driving schools. We have schools in North America and in Italy. On site at these schools we bring in coaches and full support teams, the same team we use when we race at the professional level. Our clients can go through all the different phases from the driver development program, the Ferrari Challenge, GT Racing, Sprint Racing, Endurance Racing, culminating at the top level of racing with Le Mans.

CSQ With government regulation to make automobiles more environmentally friendly, how will Ferrari adapt and mold their strategy over the next 10 years?
GM First and foremost, our CEO recently announced that in several years all Ferrari cars will be hybrids. On the racing side, the technology we are using in Formula One right now is based on a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). This system dramatically improves the emissions of the vehicle. Beyond KERS we are on the cutting edge of technology that will keep improving the product line.