Beauty, Brains, Unite

Three variations on sport sedans up the ante on comfort, style, and prestige

Luxury automakers recognize there is no need to sacrifice space and comfort for the advantage of a sporty ride. Longer, wider sport alternatives are moving brands to maintain a high standard of luxury while offering consumers the coveted feel of a powerful sports car.

Aston Martin 2015 Rapide S

The 2015 Rapide S is the most powerful four-door ever introduced by Aston Martin. Drivers enjoy eight gears with 130 millisecond shifting and speeds of up to 203 miles per hour. The car’s advanced Bosch Engine Management system operates thousands of times per second with the engine and Touchtronic III transmission, resulting in high fuel efficiency and precise engine control.

Intelligence is found in four different drive modes, speedy acceleration, multi downshifting, and an adaptive drive recognition system that conforms to a driver’s personal shifting style. Brake horsepower rests at 552, an 18 percent improvement on the first generation Rapide.

The vehicle also sports the brand’s most advanced gearbox ever released. An efficient, flexible Touchtronic III operates as the world’s first transaxle eight-speed transmission in sync with recalibrated dynamic stability control technology.

Pristine new architecture makes up the 16.5-foot long body that glides over almost every rugged terrain. Seven different hides of hand-sewn leather are available in playful colors such as California Poppy.

A 100-watt Bang and Olufsen BeoSound audio system balances interior and exterior noise while luxurious comforts include hard disc drive satellite navigation and integrated Apple iPod and iPhone 5 connectivity.

MSRP Starting at $207,820
Engine 6.0-litre AM29 V12
Horsepower 552
0-60 4.2secs
Fuel Economy 17c/22h
Standout New generation 6.0-litre AM29 V12 engine


BMW 2016 ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe

Improvements to the fuel supply system and air intake ducting and filter housing increased the vehicle’s output by 60 hp over the 2015 model. Intelligent thermodynamic efficiency is another benefit powered by a high-performance water-air intercooler system and two near-engine intercoolers.

Drivers will enjoy impressive straight line performance with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive that works in tandem with ALPINA-developed performance calibration. Advanced BMW electronic suspension technologies work with ALPINA sport suspension to offer an agile ride, while an ALPINA-tuned eight-speed Sport Automatic transmission supplies smooth, effortless cruising performance.

The new four-door coupe, known for its exclusive power, carries equally coveted design. A statement-making front spoiler and luxurious Nappa leather are notable features, along with luxury wood trim and upgraded high-beam full LED adaptive headlights.

MSRP Starting at $117,300
Engine 4.4 litre Bi-Turbo V8
Horsepower 600
0-60 3.6secs
Fuel Economy Not yet made public
Standout Fastest accelerating BMW ALPINA model


2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith

The most technologically advanced car of its kind, the Wraith pushes boundaries with the latest in engineering and meticulous design. Behind coach doors is a spacious cabin, hand-built in Goodwood, England. Rich, natural-grain leather and lavish wool carpeting complement optional open-grain Canadel paneling. The body curves gracefully to form a perfect mirror image through the vehicle’s center.

The vehicle’s brilliant GPS navigation works with an eight-speed transmission to automatically custom-shift gears en route. Many features in the car, including the slender gearshift, are inspired by vintage makes.

The bold model features night-vision cameras and sensors to improve parking as well as a glamorous 1,340-fibre optic star-filled sky that can be sewn into the interior ceiling. Should drivers forget that this is, in fact, a car, signature umbrellas stored in the door frames will bring them back down to earth.

2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith
MSRP Starting at $294,000
Engine 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12
Horsepower 624
0-60 4.4secs
Fuel Economy 13c/21h
Standout Luxury 1,340-fibre optic star detailing