Henrik Fisker

Entrepreneur, Designer

Henrik Fisker: Applying Street Smarts to the Water

Auto entrepreneur Henrik Fisker charts a new course with the Fisker 50, a yacht poised to wake up the industry

With nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial and design expertise under his belt bringing to life iconic vehicles for BMW, Ford, Tesla, and Aston Martin, Henrik Fisker has set his sights on the horizon and set sail with a new vision – the Fisker 50. Designed by Fisker in California, the $37M 164-foot yacht will be built by Benetti in Livorno, Italy where they say they will make as many as they can sell.

CSQ How many years went into the planning for the Fisker 50? What were the most important things you researched when drafting the plans and developing the design?
HENRIK FISKER I spent a lot of time aboard yachts over the years. Benetti and I decided to do a 50-meter (164′) yacht, as many choose this size because it fits into more marinas compared to larger yachts.

CSQ  What prompted you to take the plunge and design a boat after years of conceptualizing state-of-the-art cars?
HF Several of my friends own yachts. This inspired me to create a yacht with a timeless design that I would personally like to own. I designed it to combine luxury with privacy, as superyachts are increasingly becoming a place for people to do business and enjoy their free time.

CSQ As this is your first boat, what were the biggest challenges involved in translating automotive design principles into a yacht?
HF On a car, I work with relatively small surface areas but integrate sculptural elements. When designing this yacht, I wanted to introduce unique surface sculpture. The main sideline of the yacht running from the front to the back, for example, has a distinctive “hip”-shaped highlight. This functional detail was challenging, as it had to be integrated into the main hull.

CSQ The interior design and on-board amenities read like a boutique hotel. How do you reconcile that with the sport/speed/utilities aspect of the Fisker 50?
HF The goal was to have the interior be the perfect place to do business, live, entertain, and have parties. It is also designed to take advantage of ocean views, and all aspects of location, whether anchored in the marina or sailing. All the spaces fit perfectly with the smooth cruise abilities Benetti engineered.

CSQ How do you predict the Fisker 50 will change the yachting industry?
HF It merges sleekness with usability, considering this size of yacht. It is also designed to gain a highly competitive rate for charter, which many owners do when not using their yacht.

CSQ The boat is designed in California and will be built in Italy. Besides their respective car cultures, what else do you think brings synergy to the boat’s international appeal?
HF The Benetti Fisker 50 has state-of-the-art technology, such as optional hybrid power, solar panels, reclaimed wood for the interior, a beautiful onboard screening room – an inspiration from Hollywood homes – and other custom solutions. Another unique aspect of my collaboration with Benetti is that its sister companies, like Fraser Yachts, can provide charter solutions and full management of the yacht, including crew and worldwide service.