Supreyachts: Top Three on the High Seas

Water is a necessity of global dominance and exploration. For as long as man has had the thirst for such things, he has known this to be true. Over thousands […]

Water is a necessity of global dominance and exploration. For as long as man has had the thirst for such things, he has known this to be true. Over thousands of years, man’s voyage on the sea has gone from one of uncertainty and turbulence, to relaxation and luxury. If looking for the pinnacle of modern society, look no further than a super yacht. These vessels, in addition to being the largest American owned yachts, have stood the test of time as they maintain the assertion they are the best of the best.


1. Pelorus
Owner David Geffen
Original Purchase Price $200m
Most Recent Selling Price $300m
Length 377ft
Crew/Guest Capacity 42/18
Year Launched 2003 
Builder Lürssen, Germany

Built in 2004, the Pelorus was originally owned by Roman Abramovich (known throughout the world as the owner of the Chelsea Football Club) before it found its way into David Geffen’s hands. Geffen is likely a popular man, making Pelorus a sound investment since her spacious interior can comfortably accommodate 22 guests. Equipped with two helicopter pads, jet skis, a lido deck with two swimming pools, and an owner’s suite that comes with complimentary horizon-to-horizon views, Pelorus is a floating beacon of success.













2. Octopus
Owner Paul Allen
Price $200m
Length 414ft
Crew/Guest Capacity 57/26
Year Launched 2003
Builder Lürssen, Germany

Definitely the most colorful of the three, Octopus boasts an eclectic selection of toys. In addition to a pair of helicopters, a music recording studio, and a submarine, Octopus’ most unique feature is her remote controlled submersible used to survey the ocean floor. While Octopus breaks ground underwater, it also elicits headlines above water, notably during Allen’s over the top parties during the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix.



3. Rising Sun
Owners Larry Ellison and David Geffen
Price $200m
Length 454ft
Crew/Guest Capacity 30/12
Year Launched 2004
Builder Lürssen, Germany

Rising Sun, originally commissioned by Larry Ellison to be larger than Paul Allen’s Octopus, found itself in the hands of Ellison and David Geffen after Geffen paid Ellison for the privilege of using Rising Sun. If you’re a yacht, the only thing cooler than claiming Larry Ellison as your owner is claiming Larry Ellison and David Geffen as your co-owners. In addition to powerful billionaire owners, Rising Sun offers guests 8,000 square feet of living space, Jacuzzi bathrooms, a full gym, spa and sauna, and a wine cellar.


The First Name in Power Yachts
Lürrsen Yachts

Founder Friedrich Lürssen
Original Location Vegesack, Germany
Current Locations 5 (Vegesack, Lemwerder, Aumund, Rendsburg,Wilhelmshaven)
Super Yachts in Fleet 41

In 1875, taking his father’s advice, Friedrich Lürrsen opened his own boatyard. Lürrsen’s company initially set the standard for speedboats as the turn of the century approached, and as the 1900s roared on, Lürrsen firmly established itself as the premier shipbuilder in the world. With constant evolution throughout the company, thanks to the constant injection of fresh blood (all of the Lurssen line), the company managed to stay relevant and competitive. Responsible for a variety of vessels, mainly the worlds most agile speedboats, Lürrsen’s resume spoke for itself. Four generations and almost a century and a half later, Lürrsen’s supremacy on the high seas remains untested. In addition to the high profile clientele featured on these pages, some of Lürssen’s most intriguing buyers require anonymity upon purchase, thus remaining nameless.


1875 Lürssen founded
1886 Lürssen builds first motorboat, the REMS, that runs on 1.5 horsepower and 700 RPM
1911 The Lürssen-Damalier (102 horsepower) is named Champion of the Sea at Monaco
1925 Lürssen builds its 10,000th ship
2008 Lürssen celebrates its best year yet, building 5 yachts with a combined length of 1,551 feet