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Roger Roman '20 C-Suite Advisor Since 2020

Managing Partner | Push Consulting & Marketing


Roger Roman is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and marketing consultant for technology-driven startups. He is a 2x startup founder, and for the past five years, he’s served as the Managing Partner of Push Consulting & Marketing, a growth marketing and business development consulting agency.
At PCM, his main focus is on expanding the business and helping existing clients grow. As a bonus, this role also allows him to work with inspiring founders and innovative startups. Roger has been recognized by The New York Times, Venture Beat, Black Enterprise, LinkedIn, and others as an authority on digital marketing and startup growth. He has guided fledgling startups from launch to acquisition and helped established corporations such as Walt Disney, Universal Music Group, and Apple drive online visibility and growth.
He resides in Los Angeles, CA, with is his wife Mary and two sons Roger III and Mason.

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