Connect With Kurt:

Kurt Daradics '20 C-Suite Advisor Since 2020

General Manager, West Coast | Hunt Club


Kurt is a community-focused technology leader and proven social entrepreneur. As General Manager at Hunt Club, Kurt leverages his experience as a C-Suite connector and his deep relationships to help companies bring on top talent, thinking outside the box of typical recruiting firms.

A social catalyst, Kurt has cultivated a world-class network of innovators, investors. influencers and leaders over his career. He has dedicated much of his career to empowering communities with a shared vision and goal. With high-level experience at companies including Esri, Lime, as well as being a founder with an exit (CitySourced), Kurt understands the continuum of problem-solution fit, product-market fit, growth, and scale — and how to help businesses hire to meet those needs.

Thought Leadership By Kurt: