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James Harwood, MBA, SPHR '16 C-Suite Advisor Since 2016

Vice President, CA Division | CoAdvantage


James Harwood has more than 20 years of experience as an HR executive and consultant working with such Fortune 500 companies as Intel Corporation and Tektronix, Inc., as well as multiple nonprofit corporations and small businesses. In addition to overseeing HR administration departments including payroll, benefits, workers compensation, and more, Harwood has an extensive background in human resources management, employment law, and organizational development. He enjoys helping organizations enhance overall employee satisfaction and worker productivity and consults on leadership practices, management development, employee satisfaction, and performance management. Harwood is the founder and president of Total HR Management, a company providing strategic and administrative HR management solutions with an exclusive focus on the small business market. Total HR Management provides a variety of HR services on an outsourced basis.

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