Bernard May '19 C-Suite Advisor Since 2019

CEO | National Positions


National Positions Chief Executive Officer Bernard May Bernard May established National Positions with over two decades of experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry.  Prior to National Positions, May served as Vice President of (NASDAQ: SRCH) where he was responsible for the Internet Marketing. He previously held the position of Senior Product Manager for Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) where he managed the Gateway Norton Anti-Virus and Internet Security product lines.  May began his career in digital marketing with Sony Pictures and Sunguard International where he served in their respective IT departments.  Headquartered in a stand-alone facility located in Westlake Village, National Positions is a Performance Marketing Agency that serves a diverse portfolio of clients that reside within such industries as health care, automotive, entertainment, travel and leisure, beauty, fitness, legal, pharmaceutical, financial services and more.

Thought Leadership By Bernard: