Wedgewood Homes’ Jamie Bedner on Revitalizing Communities One Home at a Time

How I got started in real estate, what makes Wedgewood Homes successful, and what we're learning along the way.

How did you start out in real estate and design, taking a passion and turning it into a successful career?

I have always been passionate about design in all its forms—from fashion to home decor and home design. I remember driving around exploring neighborhoods and falling in love with the different architectural styles throughout the various cities I lived in as a young woman. I was fascinated by how simple design elements could transform the curb appeal between two very similar homes or structures. In 2002, I discovered Wedgewood, a real estate company focused on revitalizing homes, and I was hooked. Once I saw the value of transforming a tired house into a beautiful, modern home through design, I knew I had found my vocation.  

Wedgewood Homes is focused on improving and revitalizing communities one house at a time. We find aged homes and reimagine them through strategic and elevated design. Where others might bulldoze and build new expensive homes, we take a more sustainable approach, remodeling and enhancing existing homes to make them available for new homeowners. Wedgewood Homes’ strategy of restoring homes also contributes to solving the housing supply shortage in the United States, which is extremely meaningful to me. 

A Wedgewood Homes and Maverick Design bedroom transformation. Photo courtesy of Infinite Views.

What makes Wedgewood special, and different from competitors?

With almost 40 years in the real estate industry, Wedgewood brings tenured experience to each individual home purchase and renovation. Our success through many challenging market cycles has given us unique industry expertise. Agents and homeowners who work with Wedgewood Homes, the division of Wedgewood focused on residential properties, repeatedly praise how our team makes a complex process simple. Real estate professionals in particular find Wedgewood Homes to be unique because, rather than replacing the agent involvement in a transaction, we celebrate their contributions and pay commissions accordingly. Through the buying and selling of thousands of homes last year, Wedgewood Homes contributed over $100 million in gross commissions earned by its local agent partners.

Another differentiator is that, unlike other real estate investment companies, our passion lies in revitalizing older homes and restoring properties with a focus on homeownership opportunities. We take a more sustainable approach versus demolishing and rebuilding. In our renovation projects, we are continuing to explore ways to use environmentally conscious materials and methods.

A Wedgewood Homes and Maverick Design exterior transformation. Photo courtesy of Michael McNamara Photography.

Unlike institutional investors, who are known for buying, holding, and renting, Wedgewood Homes restores and updates the homes it acquires and then recirculates these homes back into the market by partnering with the local real estate agent community. In 2021, Wedgewood Homes spent hundreds of millions in repairs, updates, and renovation costs reimagining homes across the country.

How did you move more into home design?

I started working for Wedgewood in 2002, and then in 2014 I led the launch of Maverick Design, Wedgewood’s award-winning design division. Maverick started as a tiny idea to augment Wedgewood’s renovation program and help us expand across the country. Over time, Maverick Design has built a reputation for timeless, beautiful, high-end design across a wide range of residential real estate. Maverick’s brand has become synonymous with truly imaginative spaces that are both tastefully creative and invitingly livable. The service allows home buyers exclusive access to premier homes that are custom styled and ready to live in at all price points. It was a great feeling when agents started using Maverick Design as a selling feature in property listing descriptions because buyers were seeking Maverick-designed homes!

A Wedgewood Homes and Maverick Design kitchen transformation. Photo courtesy of Jon Woodbury.

What kind of experience do you aim to give clients when they work with you?

At Wedgewood Homes and Maverick Design, we believe in the value of a home and we believe that beautiful, functional home design has the power to improve lives. The combination of award-winning design and real estate prowess under the same roof creates an inimitable synergy. Wedgewood Homes and Maverick Design working together, united by the same mission and values, has proven to be not only a recipe for success, but a fulfilling endeavor that has allowed thousands of people to find their homes. Over the years we have shown that timeless, elegant, and luxurious design is possible at any budget, and shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. 

What are some of the most important things you’ve learned while doing this work?

Relentless optimism, tenacity, and a passion for good design have been guiding principles in my career. There is also no substitute for a strong work ethic, as this creates opportunities.  

On a personal level, I’ve been fortunate to have amazing mentors who have inspired me over the years. Kindness and generosity towards all are paramount in growing a successful team and bringing a vision to life. 

Jamie Bedner is Senior Vice President of Wedgewood Homes. She oversees the renovation, sales, and acquisition for the West Coast and Midwest Regions.