Top Shows Entrepreneurs Are Streaming Right Now

In our new "Business Leaders Weigh In" series, entrepreneurs across the country share the shows and films that serve as a temporary respite from the challenges of remaining profitable, supporting employees, and enhancing their companies' online presences.

Here’s a few of the TV shows executives are watching while taking a break from constant COVID-19 news updates. Spoiler: Everyone except Chef Wolfgang Puck is binging Tiger King.

Pete Carr, president of Bacardi Limited North America:

I never have time for TV, so this has been a treat. I am FINALLY watching Game of Thrones and am close to finishing Season 2. I have somehow managed not to find out how it ends…so please don’t tell me which family ends up ruling. And of course, I had to watch Tiger King. I just wanna ask Carole, ‘where is Don?’

Stephanie Chung, president of JetSuite:

Thank goodness Homeland is back! I watch Homeland every Sunday. Another show I’ve been enjoying is Zoe’s Extravagant Playlist. It’s light-hearted and funny, but the relationship with her dad and grappling with his illness touches on subjects close to home that I connect with on a personal level.

Netflix’s Ozark series.

Emilie Cushman, founder and CEO of Kira Talent:

Tiger King, Dare Me (do not recommend, its cringy), and I’m about to start Ozark. I’m also re-watching Gossip Girl for probably the 8th time, and I’ve recently discovered Disney+ and have been reliving all my favorite childhood shows like Lizzie McGuireand Recess. For no apparent reason, I’ve been watching a lot of old movies: Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Parisa Fowles-Pazdro, founder and CEO of Max-Bone:

I’m binging Homeland and would highly recommend Veep for some laughter.

Chris Hollod, founder and managing partner of Hollod Holdings:

I consider myself a big movie buff, so each night, my girlfriend and I rent a new movie on iTunes. I absolutely loved 1917, A Hidden Life, and The Gentleman. In regard to shows, I typically bounce between Netflix and HBO. I’m currently catching-up on Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as HBO’s newest show, Avenue 5. My girlfriend and I love the Netflix series Ozark, so we quickly binged the third season as soon as it was released. As far as guilty pleasures, I definitely binge-watched the entire season of Tiger King on Netflix, and it was gloriously entertaining.

Netflix’s Tiger King series.

Kevin Kelly, CEO of Sensei Holdings, Inc:

I am watching too much (bad) news lately but turn on Netflix or Prime late at night and watch Picard and Homeland.

Robin Petravic, co-owner and managing director of Heath Ceramics:

We fell down the Tiger King rabbit hole and are still looking for a show to replace it that will feel more “cleansing”.

Wolfgang Puck, chef and restauranteur of Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group:

I don’t understand the tiger TV show. So boring. I don’t know why everyone is so excited. I turned it off after one episode. 

Spencer Rascoff, angel investor and co-founder and executive chairman of dot.LA:

Tiger King on Netflix; Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu; Hip-Hop Evolution on Netflix.

Robin Richards, Chairman and CEO of CareerArc:

Right now, I’m binging Schitt’s Creek. I’m also playing competitive Jeopardy! every night with my wife (which is not turning out in my favor!).

CBS’s Schitt’s Creek series.

Christopher Rising, CEO of Rising Realty Partners:

Sunderland ‘Til I Die and The English Game. Xbox with my son, where we play Madden, RBI20, and NBA2k.

Kurt Seidensticker founder and CEO of Vital Proteins:

Ozark, War of the Worlds, Homeland, The Outsider.

Showtimes’ Homeland series.

Brett Thomas, co-founder and managing partner of CAVU Venture Partners:

I just finished Billions. I know co-creator Andrew Ross Sorkin from segments I’ve done with him on CNBC’s Squawk Box. The show is such fun escapism with just enough exaggerated realism to make it a fun, guilty pleasure. My wife, Hillary, and I just started Ozark on Netflix. So far, so good.

Elyse Walker, founder and CEO of elysewalker and towne by elysewalker:

In my normal life, I rarely watch TV, as by the time I finish with my day and dinner, I’m usually asleep in 30 minutes! But in the last few weeks, we’ve watched Ozark, Little Fires Everywhere and The Stranger.

Josh Wyatt, CEO of NeueHouse:

 I refuse to say Tiger King! I am thrilled, however, for Season three of Ozark. And Better Call Saul remains one of the best shows in history. And who could not love Schitt’s Creek and its final season!