Innovative Office New York: ClassPass

Take a look at the innovative office space of ClassPass, home of our CSQ NextGen of the year Payal Kadakia!

The Manhattan offices for ClassPass, in the Flatiron District, reflect the fast-paced energy of a tech start-up as well as the Zen balance of a health club—appropriate for the game-changing app that allows users to book fitness classes at a range of studios for a single membership fee. ­ClassPass embraced the design services of Homepolish, a like-minded brand that charges for interior design services à la carte so that each client can choose the level of service they need. Here, Homepolish gave a complete outfitting of the 30,000-square-foot space, which started as essentially an empty box.   

INDUSTRY Tech/Fitness
SCOPE 30,000 sq. ft.
INTERIOR DESIGNER Shelly Lynch-Sparks for Homepolish
A multitude of seating options mix up the workspace, including lounge chairs, rocking chairs, and traditional office spaces
Long tables In the conference rooms double as ping-pong tables for fun break times
The kitchen boasts brightly colored tables and chairs, as well as personal lockers for employees

Healthy options make snacking easy in the kitchen, which feels warm and residential

Conference tables double as ping-pong tables

Executive offices are always bright and cheerful, with framed quotes for inspiration and ­motivation

An open floor plan features a range of seating options

The company’s logo above the reception desk is made from ­shoelaces