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Your home office upgrade starts with these modern touches

“Summertime Regata” by Alexandre Renoir

The works of Alexandre Renoir, great-grandson of the great French Impressionist, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, carry the legacy of the family’s name, doing said name justice with each brushstroke. While this work is no exception it also excels in transporting the owner, and viewer, to a happier time where the feelings are peaceful and easy and the sunrises look and feel like tequila. Sure you had to take your work home with you tonight, but at least you’ve got the water to your left (or right).
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Galerie Michael, Beverly Hills


804 D3 by Bowers & Wilkins

Not your father’s subwoofer, the 804 D3 has the look and feel of a traditional-looking floor standing speaker but it packs the punch of cutting-edge technology and game-changing sound. The ultra durable core is home to a Diamond Dome tweeted, Continuum cone and Aerofoil bass driver that, together, offer some of the finest audio quality known to man. Adding this to your new home office affords you the ability to sculpt your background soundtrack with the finest quality and precision.
/ $9,000 per pair
Wilshire Media Systems, Thousand Oaks


Lui Writing Desk by Graye LA

As cubicle walls everywhere get tossed by the wayside, modern minimalism finds itself more relevant than ever. In an ode to some of the finest architects and craftsmen working today, take a less-is-more approach in your home office. Breathe in the open air now afforded to you and in doing so, capture the essence of what makes a great desk great – it’s where success is bred.
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Graye LA, Los Angeles


The Sparrow by Knoll

A sleek workspace and cushy seating can’t get the job done alone. Knoll, purveyor of all things office furniture, wants you to illuminate your ideas. The Sparrow is packed with Advanced LED technology that produces warm, even illumination that – with the help of intuitive controls – is yours to position and guide as you see fit.
/ $214
Design Within Reach, Santa Monica


Oviedo Leather Desk Chair by Restoration Hardware

Underneath every great man is a great chair, and integrating this chair into your personal workspace will keep that trend going. Bridging mid-century modern and 21st-century industrial design, the channel stitching and woven leather provide optimal comfort. Available in more than 30 swathes of leather, the ball is in your court though we recommend black. Black is back.
/ Starting at $1,495