Desirables: Dapper Like Draper

Making your office a little more Mad Men

Graf von Faber-Castell’s Perfect Pencil

While we have moved into an age of all-digital-everything, the ’60s were rife with writing utensils; just ask the guys in the art department. It’s quite possible that Sal jotted down all the important digits with a pen – for which he can thank his snazzy outfits and capable artwork – but he always worked with a pencil in hand. These pencils, crafted from the finest Cedarwood in all of California, will ensure your hand is in good company.
/ $525


Massoud Bridgette Leather Sofa

Often slung behind the door to ensure nobody could (or would) enter, a sofa was the centerpiece of the corner offices in the Mad Men universe. When not being used as a makeshift lock, the executives and the creative would come together to make decisions that would ultimately mold and shape some of the world’s most iconic brands. Lock the door, the old-fashioned way, and draw inspiration from their fictional success during your oft-needed midday catnap.
/ $5,699


Montanari Group’s Tic and Toc

Imagined by Italian designer Umberto Asnago, the Tic and Toc authenticate the space they occupy like a single-barrel scotch or a fine wine imported from the south of somewhere. Warm up your insides and brighten up the room by tossing one onto your desk and placing the other by your new couch.
/ $1,500


Restoration Hardware’s Mayfair Bar Cart

Sure, the guys and gals of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce preferred to eat (and drink) their lunch outside the confines of the workplace. But on many a day, the lunch cart was all they could afford. In homage to the lunch cart’s better half, add your own personal cart, of the bar variety, to your office and discover once and for all the work-life balance you continually strive to master.
/ $2,289


Waterford’s Mixology Mad Men Collection

While many of the pastimes of the 1960s have come and gone (I don’t see cigarettes on my desk, do you?), some things will never change. Whether you’re toasting to a promotion or celebrating the closing of a new deal, scotch on ice is timeless and (with the addition of your office’s new bar cart) implicitly acceptable. Officially licensed by series producer Lionsgate.
/ $395 decanter
$175 pair of glasses