Innovative Office Los Angeles: Hawke Media

Take a look at the innovative office space for Hawke Media, home of our CSQ NextGen Erik Huberman!

At first, digital marketing company Hawke Media wanted an open/creative office space, but after careful consideration, realized a more flexible layout would allow for creative flow, as well as private meetings and phone calls. The solution was to create clusters of open space and a handful of executive offices around the perimeter and at the core. While each employee has their own desk, a slew of other spaces are available, from a bean bag lounge chair to outside on the private patio.

INDUSTRY Marketing
LOCATION Los Angeles
SCOPE 26,000 sq. ft.
ARCHITECT Boto Design Architects
10 “phone booths” allow employees to have privacy for calls
“Neighborhood” concept of organization, where teams are clustered and each manager faces their team
Elevated central platform that serves as a stage for performan­ces and announcements
Two break rooms and a private outdoor patio for downtime

Meeting rooms have optional sliding doors for privacy

Groupings of sofas and casual chairs provide an array of spaces to work and meet in the open office

The “neighborhood” concept features clusters of teams, with one manager looking out over their team members

The redwood ramp leads to the bean bag lounge area

An open kitchen flows into the dining area and break room, where a ping-pong table and variety of games encourage creativity

Frosted glass partitions provide privacy for working or meeting