Here Comes the Sun

With a solar- or electric-­powered yacht you can go green while ­sailing the ocean blue



Passengers 4
Cabins 2
Length 44 ft.
Top Speed TBD

Spirit Yachts is known for combining classic design and modern technology. Now it has debuted its newest innovation, the fully electric Spirit 44E yacht. Just as electric cars generate power through braking, the Spirit 44E’s propeller ­recharges the 48 1.9kWh batteries through hydro generation, so you’ll power up while you sail. The craft also includes two solar panels fully integrated into the deck to maintain aesthetics. Indeed, you’ll still find Spirit’s sumptuous wooden craftsmanship throughout. This model’s clean technology doesn’t stop at the motor: Its cloth sails can be recycled when they wear out and all lighting is LED. Sustainable sailing has arrived—or will in 2020 when a bespoke Spirit 44E is set to launch for its first customer.



Passengers 10
Crew Members 2-3
Length 80 ft.
Top Speed 18
Range Unlimited

Few experiences in the world are more pleasurable than sailing on the smooth, open seas with the sun shining down. Now imagine that while you are soaking up the rays they are powering your boat’s soundless engine so that you hear nothing but waves. Silent-Yachts’ Silent 80 catamaran-style super yacht relies on 70 solar panels and the same lithium ­batteries used by Tesla. In addition to zero emissions, the Silent 80 needs little maintenance and has unlimited range, with a top speed of 18 knots (silent operation up to 7 knots). While you will likely adore the lack of diesel fumes, a hybrid solar/diesel version is available that can achieve 20+ knots. But the green technology—and sizeable solar panels—don’t sacrifice a luxurious experience for passengers, with exterior and interior design by Rome’s Marco Casali of Too Design. The lack of a large engine room means more interior space, fully customizable to your needs and taste. Exterior space includes spots for an amphibious car and a gyrocopter. The first Silent 80s, at $5M each, are set for delivery in 2020.