Innovative Office: Emerge212

Emerge212 has created an executive working space for the sophisticated businessperson

Emerge212’s new location on Avenue of the Americas intertwines the practical comforts of the hospitality industry with the professional air of an office environment. The sleek digs come with keycard-protected, full-service office suites, designed to support the objectives of the established entrepreneur. The high-functioning co-working space is situated on Corporate Row, featuring the newest technologies for company growth and aesthetics that appeal to all of the senses for a unique experience. The elevated atmosphere allows elite businesses to have their own contracted spaces, which can be expanded based on their needs.


Rooms named after artists like Warhol, Picasso, & Pollock pay tribute to each in their interiors

A fireplace in the hallway keeps patrons warm during winter

INDUSTRY Executive Office
OTHER LOCATIONS Columbus Circle, Park Avenue
SCOPE 56,000 sq. ft.
NOTABLE FEATURES Private serenity rooms complete with noise-cancelling chairs to accelerate work productivity; Custom fragrance spritzed into the air every few moments to induce stress release; Lighting was hand-selected for each room based on the amount of daylight it gets; The technology platform was designed to integrate seamlessly into the way each business prefers to work

Office spaces range from private rooms to 30-person workstations, all with fully patched IT infrastructures, common spaces, five-star services, and city views

Cafe areas, complete with charging stations, wine on tap, and top-of-the-line coffee machines, for those much-needed in-between work breaks

Conference rooms can remain open or closed with an accordion-style wall if privacy is needed