Dedicated Passages

Exploring a collection of books that highlights three incredibly intelligent people in different ways, describing what makes them tick and how they are successful.

Leonardo da Vinci

Walter Isaacson
Simon & Schuster
624 pages 

Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

PLOT Walter Isaacson is famous for writing biographies of influential giants of their respectives eras (e.g., Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin). It is only fitting that he would delve into one of the most versatile of creative geniuses in history. Isaacson investigates the character traits and habits that made up Leonardo da Vinci’s genius.

MEAT The Book is a chronological examination of both da Vinci’s life and the notable works of art he has created. From da Vinci’s early years as an artist investigating and contemplating nature, to later delving into the sciences, Isaacson is the perfect tour guide to da Vinci’s colorful life.

TWIST While Leonardo da Vinci is one of history’s most creative geniuses, Walter Isaacson does a great job in making him relatable to the reader by listing his various character traits and faults as a person.

Shortcut Your Startup

Carter & Courtney Reum
Gallery/Jeter Publishing
256 pages

Wild Ride

PLOT The Reums—former Goldman Sachs investment bankers and venture capitalists—take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship and company growth, both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs a practical playbook chock full of unconventional yet accessible advice for maximizing your business venture.

MEAT The Reums have years of experience in the field— from investing in over 130 companies, including Lyft, Pinterest, Warby Parker, and ClassPass to driving the success of their own liquor brand, VEEV Spirits.

TWIST The book is jampacked with intimate and personal anecdotes and real-life advice the Reums experienced on the field of business. In the end, they outline ten key “Startup Switchups” such as “Get into the Trenches” and “Obsessively Take Advantage of Your Unfair Advantages.”

The Man from the Train:

The Solving of a Century-Old Serial Killer Mystery
Bill James & Rachel McCarthy James
Scribner First Edition
480 pages 

The Man From The Train by Bill James

PLOT In this work of nonfiction, noted baseball statistician and writer Bill James seeks out justice with the help of his daughter, Rachel McCarthy James. One century after the trail has gone cold, the pair investigates on their own, unraveling yarns of clues and dissecting details of various unsolved murders that occurred throughout the country.

MEAT A series of murders happen in between 1909-1912, involving a man wielding an axe slaughtering innocent people. Bill uses his mathematical statistician approach to his investigation by going through newspaper records and modern profiling techniques, leading to Rachel’s eventual conclusion on who she believes the murder is.

TWIST Electricity, high-speed transportation, and literacy were not as common then as they were today. Bill and Rachel go to each location to unravel the mystery, taking matters in their own hands as they figure out the corrupt judicial system practices. Nt for the faint of heart, this book goes into great detail on the twisted murders that happened.