Deepflight Dragon

16.4′ x 6.2′ x 3.6′

Cruising Speed
4 knots

Operating Depth

Air Weight



Enter the Dragon

DeepFlight’s new submersible emerged at Monaco in 2015, making waves among elite watercraft

At the edges of maps, when the world had yet to be fully explored, cartographers would write “here be dragons” to signify the unknown. Today, DeepFlight brings us to a new edge of the unexplored with their Dragon, a compact submersible. This is the first of DeepFlight’s crafts with hovering capability, allowing you to cruise smoothly alongside any animals or shipwrecks you may encounter. It also operates quietly and efficiently, thanks to brushless thrusters and a lithium battery.

With fixed positive buoyancy, the Dragon floats naturally and relies only on vertical thrust to dive. The DeepFlight Dive Manager (DDM) takes care of critical functions, so you can focus on taking advantage of the fun parts of this life-size toy. The DDM can also set depth limits if necessary; maximum operating depth is 400 feet. World-renowned ocean engineer Graham Hawkes designed the Dragon to be intuitive, so training is not needed to operate it.


Founded in 1996, DeepFlight is Hawkes’ brainchild. Their submersibles are designed like aircraft, taking the principles of flight underwater. The rotors on the Dragon most closely resemble those on a drone, rather than any underwater craft that came before.

The Dragon was officially launched at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. Its compact size and maneuverability allow it to readily fit into existing superyacht garages or deck areas. Launching from a yacht is just as easy as launching from a dock or shore for this amazing craft. Any would-be Cousteau can explore the planet’s “final frontier” at will thanks to DeepFlight.