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Steve White '21 Contributor Since 2021

Former President | Comcast Corporation


Steve White was President of Comcast’s West Division for eleven years, launching his career in 1996 as Regional Vice President. A commitment to his why and the influence of mentors enabled him to demonstrate consistent growth for his teams and divisions, which led to increasing leadership responsibilities. Driven by continuous learning, radical responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Comcast’s West Division became a pacesetter by delivering industry-leading results. Steve White was responsible for all Comcast Cable operations in the Western U.S., leading nearly thirty thousand employees, serving almost ten million customers, and driving annual revenue of nearly $18 billion. 

Giving back and paying it forward are two of Steve White’s life values. He has lived in Denver for more than 10 years and champions causes related to family and education, such as the Denver Scholarship Fund. He partners with the University of Denver as an Executive in Residence, providing academic enrichment for the Daniels College of Business. Steve also speaks to various professional groups helping others along their journey to professional and personal success.

Steve currently serves on the board of directors for Hormel Foods, W.W Grainger, and Shaw Communications. He’s a member of the Colorado Forum, Executive Leadership Council (ELC), and the Delta Eta Boulé of Denver. Having experienced his own success thanks to the advice of key mentors, Steve now offers guidance to others in support of businesses across the country. Steve demonstrates in his book how an uncompromising life is one where you stay true to what is important to you, what you believe in, and what you love. This leads to more fulfillment, purpose, and a lasting legacy.

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By Steve White | Comcast Corporation