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Mike Martinez '20 C-Suite Advisor Since 2020

Chief Operations Officer | Yes Studio, LLC


Mike Martinez is an operations and finance executive with a keen analytic approach that leverages technology and data to mitigate risk and develop growth and transparency in emerging industries. He currently sits as the COO of Yes Studio, LLC a boutique venture capital company focused on incubating biotechnology and well developed brands from incubation through commercialization and scaled through partnerships that apply innovative distribution channels. Many of Mike’s initiatives have been in emerging industries such as legal cannabis, technology startups, and consumer products. Previously, Mike spent time in the internet technology world working at high frequency digital ad trading marketplace where he developed many key projects around supply chain optimization and corporate development while also sitting on elite IAB industry working groups focused on Anti-Piracy and Anti-Fraud on the internet. Mike has an MBA from Pepperdine, a Certificate in Business Analysis from CalTech, and holds both academic and media publications in applied data analysis. In his free time, Mike develops new concepts and methods to launch products, most recently amongst a friends of friends network marketplace.

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