Jonathan Wasserstrum '20 Contributor Since 2020

CEO and Co-founder | Squarefoot


Jonathan Wasserstrum began his career in commercial real estate as part of the International Capital Group at industry leader Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), where he advised foreign and domestic clients on more than $3B worth of transactions globally. He attended Columbia Business School, where he earned his degree in May 2012. He also has a BA in Economics from Emory University. 

He founded SquareFoot’s in 2011, and the platform now features more than 300,000 office listings, with 5,000 new listings posted monthly. The company has executed over 1,300 leases to date. SquareFoot is headquartered in New York City, where it does a majority of its business, and also serves 30 other national big-city markets. The company raised $16M in 2019 in a Series-B financing round led by DRW VC, with Triangle Peak Partners, RRE, Rosecliff, and senior real estate executives. SquareFoot has raised $29M in total since its founding.

Thought Leadership By Jonathan:

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By Jonathan Wasserstrum | Squarefoot