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Andrew Horowitz, CEPA '20 C-Suite Advisor Since 2020

Senior Vice President | Rockefeller Capital Management


Andrew Horowitz is Private Wealth Advisor at The Horowitz Group of Rockefeller Capital Management. Andy began his career by cleaning barnacles off boats at age 13. By his early 20s, he had built his business into a marine hardware manufacturing company that served major national accounts. He sold that business at age 25. Intrigued with the financial aspects of his business endeavors, Andy immediately established himself in the financial-services industry by joining a prominent municipal bond firm in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

The tug of his entrepreneurial spirit—and his keen observation that the distinct needs of high-net-worth families called for more customized wealth management solutions—led Andy to launch The Estate Management Group in 1996. He sold that business in 2011 then spent several years working at various large broker-dealers until 2020, when he transitioned his practice to Rockefeller Capital Management to better serve his clients’ sophisticated needs. 

In addition to writing articles for many different publications, Andy has shared his deep knowledge of wealth management, estate planning, business succession and exiting strategies, private equity investing and alternative investments as host of “The Wealth and Leisure Show” for radio and as co-author of the book The Next Step for Business Owners. 

He continues to educate high-net-worth families through presentations at numerous prestigious associations and multinational companies, having spoken at more than 100 conferences. In addition, Andy, who is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), has contributed to the University of Southern California’s family-business program curriculum and is active in its entrepreneur program. In addition, he provides continuing education to accountants, attorneys and trust officers on the subject of charitable tax planning and personal and business planning. 

Andy grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and has fond memories of his grandfather’s swing-set manufacturing business that eventually expanded into waterskiing, fishing, boating and jet-skiing accessories. He shares those memories with his wife Elisa and their three children: Ashley, Jessica, and Dylan. 

His love of family and business extends to golf, music and scuba diving. A percussionist in a rock-and-roll band, Andy is a supporter of the local symphony’s, the Grammy Foundation and the National Geographic Society.

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