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Andrei Cherny '16 C-Suite Advisor Since 2016

CEO | Aspiration


Aspiration CEO Andrei Cherny has spent more than twenty-five years working to make the financial system more sustainable and fair. He combines a background as an advisor to some of America’s top companies, the co-founder and president of a media start-up, a financial fraud prosecutor, historian, Navy reserve officer, and a nationally recognized economic policy expert. Before co-founding Aspiration, Andrei launched and grew Democracy Journal to one of the most widely read idea journals in America. There, he worked with Elizabeth Warren to help start the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A former Clinton White House aide, he was the youngest White House speechwriter in American history.

His 2000 book, The Next Deal, showed how business and government would be transformed by people’s demands for more and better choices. He is also the author of The Candy Bombers and is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of California Berkeley law school.


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