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Alix Lebec '22 Contributor Since 2022

Founder & CEO | Lebec Consulting


Alix Lebec is an entrepreneur and strategic adviser to the ESG, impact investing, and philanthropic communities.

Alix founded Lebec Consulting in 2020 to increase the number of women in leadership and steer significantly more capital towards people, organizations, and social innovations addressing the world’s most pressing issues from climate to water, global health, energy, education, and agriculture. Working across impact investing, ESG, and philanthropy, Lebec Consulting is helping put people and planet—sustainability—on an equal level playing field with durable profitability.

Alix has spent two decades pioneering and leading successful entrepreneurial efforts at the World Bank, Clinton Global Initiative,, and WaterEquity—across Europe, Southeast Asia, East Africa, and the U.S. Alix’s expertise is rooted in understanding global poverty and inequality and social innovations that work, and in advising individuals, corporations, foundations, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs on how to achieve their greatest impact through philanthropy, impact investing, and ESG.

Working closely with and WaterEquity’s CEO and Co-Founders, Gary White and Matt Damon, Alix helped build and scale both organizations, developing a $200M+ portfolio of highly impactful philanthropic partnerships and impact investments. As a founding member of WaterEquity, Alix helped transform the organization from an $11 million pilot fund within to a successful $200 million impact investment manager. Alix holds a Master of Science in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business from the American University of Paris.

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