Rares Launches NFT Club For Sneakerhead Rejects

Anyone who participates in Nike's SNKRS lotteries can still earn NFTs, free sneakers, and more.

Since launching CryptoKicks in December, Nike has been selling 6-figure virtual sneakers. Rares, a fractional ownership platform for high-end sneakers, believes no one should miss out.

Rares has debuted a new NFT project called the Hype Drop L Club. The club is meant for those sneakerheads who “take L’s” and lose out on the highly competitive drops from Nike’s official SNKRS app. Members can send in proof of their Nike SNKRS rejection, which is typically a screenshot from the app, to earn club membership.

The club has two membership levels: “Club Level”, where NFTs retail for $5, and “Diamond Level”, where NFTs retail for $60.  The diamond level is only comprised of 100 spots, while the club level is limited to the next 100-1000 users. Membership in the clubs avails the members access to certain perks such as free sneaker drops, a $20 credit to the Rares fractional ownership platform, and additional future discounts with yet to be named partners. Diamond level members are also more likely to receive physical sneakers from weekly giveaways.

Image courtesy of Rares

The Rares platform is powered by Flow, a decentralized blockchain specializing in digital assets and collectibles. The blockchain’s next milestone will be the enabling of segmented transaction fees, which are essential to fair pricing on the blockchain network. Supporters of the Flow blockchain can expect the update to roll out in Summer of 2022.

The Rares app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

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