50 Things Elon Musk Thinks Should Be Taught to All at a Young Age

The Tesla Founder's Twitter account displays what he believes should be common knowledge.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk tweeted an infographic, pictured below, with the caption “Should be taught to all at a young age.” The accompanied image explains 50 cognitive biases that we experience in our daily lives. More commonly recognized biases make this list, such as the bystander effect or the bandwagon effect. The list is also full of trend-worthy biases that are less familiar, such as the IKEA effect (we place higher value on things we’ve partially created ourselves) or the Zeigarnik effect (we remember incomplete tasks more than completed ones).

The infographic was originally published on January 7th, 2020 by Carly Hallman on TitleMax.com: a website proclaiming to be one of the United States’ largest auto and personal loan companies. Carly states “The human brain is pretty tricky: While we think we know things, there’s a whole list of cognitive biases that can be gumming up the works.”

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