How Rightpoint Has Kept Genpact Ahead of the Digital Curve

The experiential e-commerce business has lessons for the changing retail economy.

In 2019, when Chicago-based Rightpoint was acquired by New York firm Genpact, driving end-to-end digital transformation was of utmost importance, allowing clients to win in the growing experience economy.

And as COVID has radically transformed so many sectors of the economy, this is more important than ever in a world that has become exponentially more digital. Rightpoint, an experiential e-commerce company, has been at the vanguard of major changes in the retail space—an achievement helped by its acquisition by Genpact and strong corporate culture.

Rightpoint joined Genpact with a team of 700 to lead the experience division, combining with New York e-commerce agency Something Digital, which Genpact rolled into its Rightpoint portfolio.

“We share a joint purpose in the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people, and an alignment of vision and culture,” Ross Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Rightpoint, says.

“The shift from offline to online is impacting companies across every industry in a variety of ways, large and small,” says Katie Stein, chief strategy officer and global business leader for enterprise services at Genpact. “Bringing together Rightpoint’s tremendous experience expertise with Something Digital’s commerce resources creates a step change in our ability to help clients connect their enterprise front to back to finally be able to solve for experience-led, end-to-end digital commerce.”

To thrive in the experience economy, organizations must successfully redesign and transform all aspects of their business—from the front office to the back office.

When asked what factors weighed into Rightpoint’s decision to join Genpact, Freedman responds that “relevance” was key.

“To thrive in the experience economy, organizations must successfully redesign and transform all aspects of their business—from the front office to the back office,” he says. “Many other companies saw the value that Rightpoint could provide, but joining Genpact allows us to realize our vision of helping clients succeed at the speed of innovation.”

Today’s consumers and employees, “expect remarkable experiences,” Freedman says. “Business leaders own the responsibility of delivering on this expectation, and digital media factors into every part of the overall experience.”
Evaluating Today’s Media Landscape

The media landscape is anything but simple—it’s convoluted and polluted with under-delivered promises and, often, inaccurate information leading to today’s understanding of “fake news.” That creates challenges for any organization, particularly one in the digital media and content world.

But how does this landscape play into the knowledge and experience of a Genpact company such as Rightpoint?

“As a values-led entrepreneurial organization, we look for leaders who are grounded in innovation, focused on transformation, and relentlessly curious,” Freedman says. “We take into consideration the entire digital media landscape as we’re trying to solve problems and our team brings a diverse background across strategy, design, and technology. We offer solutions that hit on every part of the experience spectrum, including digital media.”

With the pandemic still ongoing—although we appear to be rounding the corner with more vaccinations being dispersed—leading with empathy is essential for leaders right now, Freedman says.

“Balancing pushing the business forward, while being understanding of how we can help support our employees’ needs during this time, has been our biggest focus,” he says. “We’ve taken the same relentless focus on experience we’re known for and applied it internally. It’s become more essential than ever to really listen to how we could better support our employees and clients during this time.”