Five Custom Business Jet Interiors You Have to See to Believe

Private jet travel may be the ultimate way to fly, but doing so in an aircraft with a bespoke interior takes the experience to new heights.

Set in London, Winch Design first established its reputation as an interior design firm specializing in superyachts. Thirty years later, the firm has expanded and now boasts an architecture and design studio with a staff of fifty experienced craftspeople who continue the firm’s naval tradition but also create dynamic and personalized interiors for land-based residences, as well as on private jets.

Discerning clients are drawn to Winch Design first for the firm’s unwavering stance rejecting the need for a signature style. “Designing an interior is an intensely personal thing,” says Andrew Winch, the firm’s founder and creative director. “We create spaces that are expressions of a client’s personality.”

The firm’s commitment to that mission statement is boldly on display across the following five business jet projects—each one a distinct interior that effectively reflects the client’s affinities and passions.

Project Miami concept interior: Instagram-ready!

Welcome to Miami

Global 5000, in concept phase

When an Instagram-famous client requested a jet cabin that was worthy of being seen in—a space that would allow her to work or to have fun as she jaunts from meeting to meeting or party to party—Winch Design conceptualized an interior inspired by the timeless glamour of Miami Deco. Subtle rose gold accents complement soft coral and teal hues, while every surface is a careful marriage of textures and patterns, which adds richness and depth to an otherwise delicate and serene space. “Project Miami demonstrates the versatility of the aviation studio at Winch Design,” says Jim Dixon,  the firm’s director of yachts & aviation. “It exemplifies the ability to respond to a brief with creativity, originality, and dedication to detail.”

BBJ-1 interior, designed to be a “flying home”

Homeward Bound

BBJ-1, completed in 2017

The owner of this BBJ-1 wanted to transform the jet’s 800-square-foot cabin into a “flying home,” a space that was configured to create private areas, as well as accents and features that would allow him to entertain business guests during international trips. The design can comfortably accommodate as many as 19 passengers and features a stunning under-lit bar with high-low bar stools and a hidden champagne cooler. “A carefully selected collection of artwork,” Dixon says, “is the finishing touch to create a residential feel which goes miles beyond any typical private yet.”

Global XRS Interior

Deco Directives

Global XRS, completed in 2019

The owner of this Global XRS has a passion for Art Deco furniture, which inspired the jet’s interior. Beautiful materials with varying textures, such as black lacewood veneers and shagreen leathers, were introduced in clever ways to create a contemporary and masculine interior. Other details, including smoked nickel, almond gold metalwork, and a custom silk carpet add additional drama, while a contrast of deep tones and soft cream colors maximize the cabin’s sense of space and further reflect the glamour of Art Deco design. “This is the perfect sister aircraft to a larger wide-body private plane, allowing for both business and leisure on short-haul flights in smart, sophisticated comfort,” says Dixon.

ACJ319 interior

Residence in Motion

Airbus ACJ319neo, completed in 2012

To create a masculine interior in this Airbus ACJ319 neo, one that offered versatility for business trips and leisure getaways, Winch Design incorporated rich, soft leathers and dark woods—materials and a color scheme that are equally suited to both environments. Sliding shoji panels divide the interior into a main gathering space, complete with a six-person dining table, and a private area for rest and relaxation. “The comfortable bedroom suite with spacious bathroom perfectly complete this ‘home in the sky,’” says Dixon.

Rendering of Airbus ACJ320neo

Meditative Journeys

Airbus ACJ320neo, in concept phase

When the owner of this Airbus ACJ320neo approached Winch Design, she did so with a specific request: she wanted a cabin that would allow her to continue her yoga and mindfulness rituals while traveling. To accommodate the request, Winch Design utilized natural fabrics, light leathers, and marbles, and the team placed emphasis on raw, organic textures. The living space opens into a bathroom that features green onyx walls, carved stone basins and brass fittings; and that bathroom is intersected by a large, glass-walled aromatherapy steam shower. “Winch Design has visualized an interior that eschews typical aviation design to create an open, light space focused on meditation, wellbeing, health, and balance,” says Greig Jolly, a Winch Design associate.

Top: Interior of  the Global XRS