The 10 Best Pieces of Home Tech Gear to Buy Now

High tech and low effort, these new products—all for under $1,000—will help turn your home into a haven.


Ooni Koda 16

There’s nothing like hot, fresh New York pizza, or perhaps you favor Neapolitan style. If we can’t go to our favorite restaurants, why not bring the technology home? The Ooni Koda 16 packs modern, true pizza oven technology into a beautiful, streamlined, home outdoor gas-powered appliance. With a large cordierite-stone baking board, all you have to do right out of the box is unfold the legs, connect your gas tank, and you’re ready to go. Extreme heat and speed are critical for the perfect pizzeria-style pie, and at 932°F, you’ll cook your pizza in just 60 seconds. It’s rugged, yet easy enough to support caterers, family fun, or home entertainers for social-distanced gatherings. If you want to change it up, you can adjust the temperature for chargrilled fish or seared steak.

The Aeva by Just Vertical

Access to fresh food has caused a stir in the midst of the pandemic. Indoor and hydroponic gardening has been around a long time, which has allowed for user-conscious businesses like Just Vertical to base their designs and products on years of solid research. The Aeva is a sleek, year-round, vertical garden system that requires minimal space. The unit doesn’t skimp on quality in the least, producing up to 10 lbs of produce per month, or up to 120 lbs of food per year. If you want to know whether it’s worth the investment, let Just Vertical’s grocery calculator show you how much you’ll save annually by growing your own produce. The Eve, a more cost-efficient model, is expected to be released later this year, which means access to fresh food is becoming easier than ever.
From $599

The Farmstand by Lettuce Grow

Lettuce Grow’s Farmstands make growing farm-fresh produce at home accessible to the modern lifestyle. The Farmstand, which comes in five sizes, is a self-watering, self-fertilizing vegetable garden made in the USA using BPA-free, food-grade plastic recovered from coastal communities. It provides a serious harvest, finally making “grow your own” a viable path forward to a better food future. Lettuce Grow also wants to help bring some much-needed change to our food system by working to close the gap on food mileage, decrease transportation emissions, and reduce water usage and resource waste, all while helping reestablish a deeper, experiential connection with the food we eat. With Farmstand you get everything you need to start growing at home.
From $350

Caraway Cookware

Founder Jordan Nathan was cooking with a Teflon pan when it overheated. After feeling sick from the fumes, he realized he had Teflon poisoning and was inspired to create his own brand of safe and easy-to-use kitchen products. Caraway debuted last year with a quartet of cookware: fry pan, sauté pan, saucepan, and Dutch oven. Each is available in five colors and sold separately or as a set. They all feature a ceramic-coated interior and are durable, nonstick, and nontoxic.
From $95; $395/set of four


Ooler by Chilipad

You can’t overstate the value of sleep when it comes to immunity and wellness. Ooler is known as the “ultimate sleep hack” by athletes and musicians and was purchased by many teams for their players to use while in the NBA bubble in Orlando this year. Like adding climate control to your bed, the Ooler helps optimize sleep using efficient, water-based cooling and heating, programmable sleep schedules, and a warm-awake feature, making it much easier to rest, recharge, and drive to the hoop … or walk over to your home office. Fun note: The Ooler is made by Chilipad, which received early investment from legendary music producer Rick Rubin.
From $699


Roborock S6 MaxV Mop + Vacuum

It has never been more important to keep our homes clean and sanitized. Not only that, but we’re all spending a lot more time in our spaces, so cleaning has to happen more often, which isn’t a problem if you have the Roborock S6 MaxV mop and vacuum. Its powerful cleaning action is combined with a quieter sound and object recognition, which means it easily avoids common obstacles lying around your home. With a multitude of customizable features and an app that lets you operate everything from one place, the S6 MaxV lets the Roborock do the work for you.

Molekule Air Purifiers

We’ve never been more aware of the air we breathe. And while there is little we can do to control the public spaces we visit, when it comes to our homes Molekule offers the most advanced—and beautiful—air-purification devices, designed to protect us when we need it most. With Molekule’s award-winning technology, pollutants and even viruses are destroyed. The Air is designed for larger spaces (600 square feet) while the Air Mini+ purifies and protects smaller spaces (250 square feet). Both models are whisper quiet, making them ideal and easy to feature all over your home without disruption or annoyance. The list of features seems to go on forever, with an auto-adjusting fan speed, ability to destroy pollutants 1,000 times smaller than standard filters even test for, and complete control with a smart app. The app also tracks PECO filter status. PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) technology is what allows the purifiers to break down pollutants at a molecular level, ridding your home of allergens, bacteria, viruses, and mold.
From $499


The Fives Wireless Home Speakers by Klipsch

When we want to escape the daily routine, melt into a movie with the family, or just get lost bingeing our favorite shows, we want it to sound like we’re at a movie theater—without the obvious pitfalls of actually going to a movie theater. With easy-to-use design, lots of power, high-definition sound quality, and minimal wires (hello, wireless subwoofer!) you can immensely improve the sound of your TV and create a full home theater. The Fives are also the first powered monitors on the market that allow you to directly connect to your TV with HDMI-ARC. The options and add-ons make this one of the best options on the market for a true, high-quality, home-theater experience at an affordable price point.


Humanscale Monitor Arms, Docks, and Stands

If we all had known we would be remotely working long term, we might have put more thought into our workstations … but it’s not too late to set yourself up for success and comfort. Workstations now have to be versatile, adjustable, ergonomic, sleek, and user-friendly. That’s a tall order, but Humanscale has knocked it out of the park with its line of monitor arms, docks, and Quickstand workstations. Whether you want to stand while you work to elevate your health, or just take back some desk space with a beautiful modern arm or stand, Humanscale has high-quality, affordable, home-office-ready options. Its newest Quickstand Eco combines sleek, user-friendly design with expert engineering and starts at a very affordable price point, making it Humanscale’s most accessible sit/stand solution yet.
From $299

Epson FastFoto Scanner

The need to digitize work and personal documents has become much more pressing as we move to a more online life, and Epson’s FastFoto scanner works brilliantly as a document scanner for the home office. You’ll be well prepared for that virtual doctor’s visit with your documents clear, organized, and online. Instead of a slow, flatbed scanner that you want to avoid using, you’ll find it easy to create a fun project like digitizing your family photo prints. One of Shaquille O’Neal’s recent brand partnerships, this is a great way to preserve what is really priceless in our lives after our health, and that is sharing and making memories with our loved ones.