Be the Next Zaya Younan

Buying this 18th century castle in Burgundy could be the start of your own portfolio of properties fit for royalty.

Our 2020 Real Estate and Finance Visionary Zaya Younan came to the United States at age 13, near-penniless, and has since built an empire that includes business towers, fine wines and cigars, as well as a collection of stunning converted-castle hotels across France and Portugal.

Anyone inspired by his story—and property portfolio—might be interested in this newly available jewel of a property, located on 570 acres in the lush and historic Burgundy region of France.

This castle was constructed between 1770 and 1777 by Edme Verniquet for the Intendant of Provence and the first president of the Parliament of Aix, Charles Jean-Baptiste des Gallois de la Tour. It includes a central rectangular main building flanked by square wings, totaling approximately 30,000 square feet of space over three levels, plus 5,000 square feet of subterranean cellar space.

There are numerous large reception areas as well as 14 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms upstairs. Design details include mansard roofs covered with traditional tiles, window frames and brick corner chains, and east and west facades adorned with triangular pediments inspired by Palladian villas. The castle and its park are classified as historic monuments.

To the east of the castle are bridle paths originally intended for the departure of hunting parties, while to the west, terraced lawns host stunning landscaping. Fruit trees and vegetable gardens dot the grounds to the north and south.

There are also two outbuildings on the property. The north outbuilding was created as the Fondation Saint Mauris, a restored gallery to conserve archival family portraits from the 15th to 19th centuries. The other outbuilding hosts opulent reception rooms and additional bedrooms, and a 60-foot swimming pool was added just outside of it in 2013.

The property is not listed online, but is available for approximately $8.3M.

Inquiries can be directed to David Stanley,